Their Mission
How We Support Them


Q. What is the mission statement of BCRC?  

Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara (BCRC) is a community resource center that empowers women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to advocate for themselves and make informed decisions regarding breast health. At BCRC, women are heard and find emotional support in actively navigating their cancer treatment and survivorship health. Breast Cancer Resource Center is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

Q. What is the history of BCRC, and what are its founding principles?  

Since 1997, BCRC has been the support care focal point for women with breast cancer in Santa Barbara County. The BCRC was founded by a group of breast cancer survivors and health care professionals who joined together to address a community need for specific breast health information, cancer resources and support for women. In 1997, BCRC opened it’s doors and began offering free essential services.

Q. How does BCRC help improve the lives of women affected by breast cancer?  

BCRC programs are designed to foster hope and create a safe haven to nurture mind, body, and spirit by helping people affected by cancer learn vital skills that enable them to regain control and reduce feelings of isolation, regardless of the stage of their disease. These programs focus on practical life tools, self-care, and resources to uplift you in a mindful, healthy way during and after treatment. 

All services are provided free of charge to help ease the burden of this disease, whether one is living with metastatic cancer, newly diagnosed, in treatment, or after treatment. 


Q. How does the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara currently partner with RevitaLash® Cosmetics? 

RevitaLash® Cosmetics provides contributions that help support BCRC’s mission as a place to ask questions, explore options, and connect with a diverse community of survivors, lifers, and thrivers. For more than 25 years, the women of BCRC have been dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of those touched by breast cancer.

Pink Lounge Gala

RevitaLash® Cosmetics has been a proud supporter of BCRC’s annual fundraising gala. Turning emotion into action, this exciting evening consists of a live and silent auction that benefits the BCRC, allowing it to continue to offer vital support services and educational resources that benefit women dealing with the devastating impact of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Thrive Fashion Show

RevitaLash® Cosmetics Co-Founder Gayle Brinkenhoff once walked the runway of BCRC’s Fashion Show to raise money for the center’s free support programs. Guests enjoy lunch, tea, and desserts while the latest fashions are modeled women who have been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. Filled with shopping, a raffle, and exclusive silent auction, the afternoon is uplifting and enjoyable for all. In honor of Gayle’s devotion and commitment to the center, RevitaLash® Cosmetics continues to sponsor and attend this fabulous annual event.


Q. How does BCRC engage with the broader community to raise awareness about breast cancer and the work that you do?  

Annual fundraising events are a fun way to get involved, meet other BCRC supporters and enjoy a great charity event.

Q. How can individuals or other organizations get involved with and support your organization's mission? 

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Breast Cancer Resource Center depends on the generosity of its supporters to ensure that anyone affected by breast cancer can have the support and resources they need to learn to cope, and find a path to live life to the fullest.  

We thank its supporters for their generous gifts of time, money, and talents. Because of your support, BCRC exists to do the work for our community. 

One hundred percent of BCRC's income comes solely from generous contributions from individual donors, corporate sponsorships, local businesses, and grant donations from private foundations. BCRC receives no governmental funding. 


You can find out more about how to donate to BCRC at their website, 

*All information about BCRC was provided via the BCRC website