International Womens Day, honoring Gayle Brinkenhoff
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Celebrating Intl. Women’s Day 2024 – Honoring Women’s Value

On this International Women’s Day, we’ve brought together some of the amazing women who were there for our Co-Founder Gayle Brinkenhoff during her fight against breast cancer.

Their stories about supporting one another prove that friendship between women can be an incredibly uplifting force, and shines a light on the inherent value of women in difficult and challenging times.

Some of Gayle’s biggest supporters included her family and friends who were by her side during her 23-year battle with metastatic breast cancer. Gayle’s courage, empathy, authenticity, and sense of humor are painfully missed by all who knew and loved her.

We spoke to Gayle’s inner circle to help tell her story here. Dariel Sidney, Gayle’s daughter who carries on her mother’s legacy through her work as RevitaLash® Cosmetics VP of Global Philanthropy, interviewed three of the women who were Gayle’s most valuable confidants.

Julie Hoffman and Gayle met in 1984 and became longtime friends. “We spent so much time together. Our kids were very close and still are to this day,” Julie says. “We also worked together for many years.”

“I took Gayle to most of her treatments, doctor appointments, scans, and surgeries,” Julie explains. “Many times it was Michael [Brinkenhoff, Gayle’s husband and RevitaLash Cosmetics founder], Gayle, and me going to the very important surgeries and appointments together.”

Hilary Bloom is Gayle’s younger sister. “Gayle was in the birthing room with us for both of my kids,” she says. “When our son Eric was born, our mom was in the hospital, too, with breast cancer.” A few years later, Gayle was there when Hilary’s daughter was born just 12 days after their mother passed. “It was comforting having Gayle there. I learned so much from her,” Hilary says.

Beth Green and Gayle’s friendship stretched for over a decade. Their children attended school together for many years. “I’m grateful for this opportunity to celebrate a remarkable woman,” Beth says, remembering her dear friend.

The Value Of Women’s Friendship During Difficult Times

The Circle of Support Continues

Gayle taught those who knew her the value of supporting one another through life’s challenges. Today, we honor her legacy by extending the circle of love and support to cancer patients all over the globe—with your help.  

The theme of 2024’s International Women’s day is “invest in women.” We at RevitaLash® Cosmetics believe that investing in the fight against cancer, with the goal of eventually finding a cure, will give women everywhere hope for a brighter future.

Together, we can support women not just on International Women’s Day, but 365 days a year.

Beth, Julie, and Hilary spoke candidly about their memories of Gayle, how they supported her during her battle with breast cancer, and how Gayle found the strength to support them in return even as she dealt with the challenges of cancer and treatment.

Beth: Everybody in this "posse" was so very different and all had very different talents.

Julie: Out of all of that posse, I was the shiest. So [Gayle] had to work really hard to pull me in. And I [would say] at times, "I don't want to go over to the dinner and see everyone." [Gayle would say] "I want you to meet them, you have to come." She'd always get me together and I would end up loving that I did it. And it would end up being great.

Hilary: She drew people to her. She was uplifting. She would lift people up—and she was the one going through cancer.

Beth: This community was built around Gayle and we were all happy to be in Gayle's circle. And I'm still close friends with all of them.

Julie: We were all there at the end together—her group, her group of women.

Dari: I think I can more fully appreciate what they gave to her. And how they lifted her up. It's only now, later, that I understand the importance of having great friends. And especially women—having women who understand what you're going through in all parts of your life. It's an incredible gift.

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