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Sensitive Eyes Bundle

Incredible lashes — incredibly gentle. Experience the ultimate lash transformation with our gentle ritual made to cleanse, condition, and repair. Featuring our multi-award-winning RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive formula, this 3-step routine is curated by our lash experts specifically for sensitive eyes. ($188 value – 30% savings)

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Sensitive Eyes Bundle

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Twice a week, swipe the Lash & Brow Masque applicator evenly over clean, dry lashes and brows until fully coated. Leave on for at least 15 minutes, or until product dries.

To remove, apply warm water on lashes and brows, continuing to soak until product begins to loosen or release from the hair.

Use comb side of the applicator to remove the masque gently from the lashes and brows. Repeat until product is fully removed.


Spray Micellar Water Lash Wash 4-6 times onto a cotton pad. Gently press pad on closed eye for 10-15 seconds to help loosen makeup.

Wipe eye area clean and repeat as needed to fully remove dirt and makeup from lashes, brows, eyelids, and lash line.


Once a day, apply one thin line of RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive directly to clean, dry upper eyelashes only, above the lash line. Dip applicator brush into the bottle one time for both eyes. Use sparingly as dripping into the eye may cause irritation or other unwanted effects. Let dry completely (2-3 minutes) before applying additional beauty products or going to sleep.