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RevitaLash® Cosmetics Year in Review: New Launches, Philanthropy & More

Dec 28, 22
RevitaLash® Cosmetics Year in Review: New Launches, Philanthropy & More

As we wade knee-deep through year-end reviews, there are some parts of 2022 we’d rather forget.

But in the world of beauty, several very good things occurred, especially related to the care of your lashes and brows!

In case you missed it, RevitaLash® Cosmetics led the way with several state-of-the-art formulations which elevated how women and men repaired, conditioned, hydrated, and styled their lashes, brows, and hair… contributing to dramatic new possibilities in 2023.

Just as significantly, we expanded our philanthropic efforts, helping to improve the care of underserved women facing cancer while increasing funding for life-saving research.

It was a very good year!




January: Philanthropy Starts at Home
Image of patient undergoing scalp therapy

We started the year by honoring a cause that’s close to the hearts of all of us at RevitaLash® Cosmetics…with a donation made possible by you. Through our yearlong Raise it for Research initiative at checkout, revitalash.com customers raised $10,000 for City of Hope, our longtime charitable partner. The donation, given in January, helped City of Hope continue their work as a national leader in cancer care conducting groundbreaking breast cancer research and achieving immense strides in new therapies and dynamic treatments.

March: Introducing RevitaLash® Advanced Pro
Image of tubes of RevitaLash Advanced Pro overlayed with magnifying glasses

This year marked the launch of our first-ever professional formula – a major breakthrough for beautiful lashes. As the name suggests, RevitaLash® Advanced Pro is the new formulation exclusively available through professionals. This next-generation lash conditioner is the ultimate, all-encompassing solution for your lashes ­– the possibilities are endless. Ask about it during your next visit.

Also in March: See You at the Spa
Image of RevitaLash Advanced tubes with Hand & Stone logo

Visiting the spa became even more essential this year, thanks to our partnership with Hand & Stone – the massage and facial spa with hundreds of locations across the country. Now you can shop your lash and brow favorites whenever you stop in for a treatment… the ultimate self-care treat!






May: The Return of Micellar Water Lash Wash
Micellar Water Lash Wash

After a hiatus, our cult-favorite micellar cleanser returned with a new formula that’s even gentler on sensitive skin and eyes, and yet brilliant at removing makeup, dirt, and pollutants from your entire face. Pioneering micelle technology helps to draw out impurities, leaving no film or residue. Plus, panthenol, aloe, and chamomile hydrate, soothe, and moisturize. It’s official: Micellar Water Lash Wash is best in class.




June: Double-Ended Volume Set Goes Viral
Model with beautiful lashes and brows

And why not? Our breakthrough volumizing primer and mascara can help transform lashes into the longest, fullest version of themselves, in a matter of minutes. 

Our new campaign included images and video of our models (and real users) applying the buildable volumizing primer and mascara — resulting in an incredible 300% increase in lash volume. When the world saw these results, Double-Ended Volume Set became an instant bestseller!





July: RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive Makes Its Debut
RevitaLash Advanced Sensitive

For those whose eyes are easily irritated or allergic, the July introduction of RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive was a big deal.

The new formula takes advantage of everything our expert team knows about how lash serums work… including a unique time-release delivery system designed to be gentle on sensitive eyes.

If your eyes are prone to irritation, our new sensitive formula is the right choice. In fact, it’s the only choice… the first ever ophthalmologist-developed lash conditioner made specifically for sensitive eyes.



August: Fine, Thinning Hair Reaches New Heights
Image of model with voluminous hair

The end of summer marked another viral victory as the world discovered our Volumizing Hair Collection, thanks to our before and after trial that revealed incredible-looking results. We recruited three models — Bri, Ashley, and Ariel — to test out our three-step hair regimen for eight weeks. 

After using Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and Volume Enhancing Foam, all three of our testers saw thicker-looking, fuller-feeling hair, with before and after photos to prove it. Stunning is not too strong of a word! Men and women noticed! Learn more about the collection here.




September: RevitaBrow® Advanced Wins Allure Best of Beauty
RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner & 2022 Allure Best of Beauty Award Seal

Here’s the kicker… this is our best-selling brow serum’s 10th consecutive win! How often does that happen? Almost never. Not only has RevitaBrow® Advanced earned Allure Best of Beauty Hall of Fame status, it’s among only a tiny handful of products to be recognized with the industry’s most prestigious honor.

It figures. RevitaBrow® Advanced is the internationally famous formula that is almost single-handedly responsible for transforming and improving the way people care for their brows. It’s the ultimate conditioning serum with everything your brows need to get healthy and luxurious. 




October: Our Greater Giving Initiative Makes an Even Bigger Impact
Two hands reaching out to each other and RevitaLash Cosmetics logo + City of Hope logo

Halfway around the world, women in Ethiopia are confronting breast cancer, with one of the highest mortality rates globally. With early detection, many of these cancers are potentially curable. But there is much work to be done to build treatment infrastructure in this developing region.

For this reason, we selected this philanthropic effort as the centerpiece of our Greater Giving initiative for 2022. We partnered with City of Hope on their efforts to improve breast cancer screening and treatment for the women of sub-Saharan Africa, donating proceeds from global sales of our limited-edition pink products to this important project. Read more about the initiative here.

Thanks to your support, 2022 was an exceptional year — and 2023 is shaping up to be even better.

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