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How to Make Eyes Pop

Aug 16, 21
Image of woman looking through her fingers that she shaped into a heart

Both men and women agree - the eyes are the most attractive facial feature and the one feature everyone notices first. You know the phrase “eyes are the windows to the soul?” Well, it seems to be true, across cultures and sexes.

Line & Define

Voluminous lashes and brows make your eyes pop, they provide the drama, the allure. But what if your lashes or brows are naturally sparse? For a quick fix, use your pencils – eye liner and brow definer!

Tight-lining the underside of your upper lash line with a rich-toned pencil fills in the gaps of your lashes to give you fuller-looking lashes with no heavy falsies. And a fine-tipped brow pencil can fill in even the sparsest brows with faux hair-like strokes that make your brows look more defined and dramatic. Drama isn't just fireworks!

Cue the Contrast

Ever hear about the limbal ring? It's the black ring that encircles the iris, separating the iris (colored part) from the sclera (white part). The more defined and thick the ring, the younger looking the eye. You can see the difference between the eyes of an older person versus those of a baby… the limbal ring is much more defined. But the difference can also be seen when your eyes are tired or red. Suddenly your eyes look less bright and less defined.

While you can’t turn back time on the natural aging of your limbal ring, you can absolutely give the illusion of brighter, younger eyes. Remember, it’s all about color contrast! A deep rich blue will give the illusion of whiter eyes, meaning you look more awake and more youthful. Our Double-Ended Volume Set works double duty. Not only is it two cosmetics in one… a lash primer and mascara, perfect for amplifying your natural lashes and enhancing volume. The deep indigo color of the primer provides the perfect contrast for a whiter, brighter eye. Eyes that sparkle!


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