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Damaged Lashes and Brows? Repair Them With a DIY “Facial”

Jun 24, 23
woman rinsing masque off lashes and brows

Maybe your lashes are in rough shape after wearing extensions. Or you skimped on caring for your brows post-lamination. Or you’ve suffered the drying effects of waterproof makeup. No matter how it happened, your lashes and brows have become damaged, and they’re in need of repair — fast. What now?

It’s time for some serious TLC. The good news is you can help your brows look healthier, softer, shinier, and more flexible at home, and all it takes is 15 minutes twice a week.


Like a Facial…for Your Lashes & Brows
On those occasions when your skin needs special care—say, your pores are congested or you’re feeling dry and flaky—you might turn to a mask. Masks typically feature highly concentrated, targeted ingredients to deliver immediate results, such as intense moisturizers to boost hydration or breakout-busting acids to unclog pores. Your esthetician might use one or more masks during a facial service, and you can get similar results when you mask at home.

There have been a multitude of masks made for various body parts—face, hair, eyes, lips, and more—but never for brows and lashes…until our groundbreaking, physician-developed Lash & Brow Masque.

Since its debut, Lash & Brow Masque has been met with nonstop buzz, ranging from rave reviews from real users to awards bestowed by top beauty publications. And it’s no wonder—the formula is transformative for damaged brows and lashes, with results in just one use.


How Lash & Brow Masque Works
The secret to Lash & Brow Masque’s restorative formula is the combination of rich botanicals and vitamins and its scientifically advanced delivery system.

This delivery system is powered by our unique encapsulating tube technology. The technology wraps each hair in nutrient-dense ingredients, infusing lashes and brows with hydration and nourishment.

The star of Lash & Brow Masque’s ingredients list is our Tri-Flora Complex. Made with ginseng, Gleditsia, and white nettle, this complex fortifies hair to restore strength and bring back natural shine and vitality.

Together, these unique innovations repair, restore, and protect your lashes and brows from the daily abuse of dirt, environmental pollutants, and other cosmetic products and treatments that can cause damage.


How to Repair Damaged Lashes & Brows at Home
Ready to see the results for yourself? Light a scented candle, queue up some soothing music, and let the spa vibes transport you. It’s time to revive your lashes and brows with this at-home treatment:

  1. Swipe the Lash & Brow Masque applicator evenly over clean, dry lashes and brows until fully coated.
  2. Leave on for at least 15 minutes, or until the masque dries.
  3. Apply warm water to lashes and brows, continuing to soak until product begins to loosen or release from the hair.
  4. Use the comb side of the applicator to remove the masque gently from lashes and brows. Repeat until product is fully removed.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see after using Lash & Brow Masque: In a consumer study of 75 participants, over 80% said their lashes and brows felt more hydrated after the very first use. With continued use over three weeks, over 85% of users said their lashes and brows were repaired, healthier-looking, replenished, and stronger.*

Now it’s your turn. Try Lash & Brow Masque today to soak up the hydrating, reparative benefits.


*Survey results from an independent 3-week consumer study including 75 participants.

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