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5 Do's & Don'ts for Beautiful Lashes and Brows

Feb 27, 20
5 Do's & Don'ts for Beautiful Lashes and Brows

Like most things in life, achieving healthy, beautiful lashes and brows requires a bit of effort. From practicing proper care to using the correct products and techniques, a lot goes into keeping lashes and brows healthy. It’s important to remember that our lashes have growth cycles, and experiencing fall out every few months is completely normal. However, bad habits and improper care can cause damage, breakage, and even accelerate hair loss.

Let’s not forget – your eyelashes and eyebrows are more than just a base for mascara and brow pencil! They help protect the delicate eye area from dirt and dust and help protect the eyes by creating a shield to keep dangerous debris out . Therefore, lash and brow health goes beyond just looks – it’s important for the overall health of the eye area.

Luckily, practicing these 5 do’s and don’ts can help you achieve and maintain the gorgeous, healthy lashes and brows we all lust after.


  1.  Avoid wearing waterproof makeup regularly

Waterproof makeup has a time and a place (i.e. weddings and vacations), but should be avoided for everyday use because it is so difficult to remove. The removal process often requires tugging, pulling, and rubbing, which is extremely damaging for lashes/brows and is hard to recover from. For everyday makeup, we always recommend sticking to water resistant formulas which stay put, but come off easily when you need them to. 

  1. Going to bed without properly removing makeup

We know, we know – you’ve heard this before, but that’s because it’s true; this is always a no-no! Not only is it bad for the health of your lashes and brows, it can lead to even worse things like inflammation and infections. Even if you can’t commit to a skincare routine, always make sure to remove your makeup before your head hits the pillow. We created Micellar Water Lash Wash because it takes off makeup in just a few swipes and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. It’s also safe to use with eyelash extensions. Basically, it gives you no excuse to not wash your face! 

  1. Curling lashes after makeup is applied

Eyelash curlers are amazing but should always be used correctly; before you apply mascara and not too close to the lash line. When used after mascara, it can cause lashes to stick, break or tear off before they’re ready and no-one likes bald spots in their lash line! 

  1. Lash extensions, lash lifts and brow lamination

The immediate results you get with extensions, lifts and lamination are undeniable, but so is the damage. Unfortunately, these services are known for compromising the integrity of lashes and brows. We recommend saving these services for special events, or if you really must have them, be sure to use a lash or brow serum to keep your natural lashes and brows strong and healthy.


  1. Not using an eyelash or eyebrow serum?

Here’s the thing – even if your lashes and brows are in good shape, why wouldn’t you want them to be in their very best shape?! Adding an eyelash or eyebrow serum like RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced to your daily routine only takes a few seconds and yields fabulous results to your natural lashes and brows; they’ll be stronger, healthier, more beautiful-looking, and ready to hold up to the days when you might forget to wash your face!


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