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How Being Thankful Can Improve Your Life

Nov 20, 23
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With the demands of hosting family and holiday shopping, it can be easy to forget what’s at the root of the Thanksgiving season—gratitude. But thankfulness is a state of mind worth cultivating. Being more intentional about practicing gratitude has been shown to have benefits for your well-being and mental health. Here, we’ll delve into the research and offer practical ways to practice gratitude in your everyday life. And if you need some inspiration, we’ve asked a few members our RevitaLash® Cosmetics team what they’re thankful for this season. Read on to get in the gracious spirit…and learn why it matters.

Research Shows Being Thankful Can Make You Happier

It’s true—multiple studies have found an association between expressing gratitude and experiencing overall more positive emotions.

One of the foremost pieces of research on gratitude is a 2003 study that randomly assigned participants to three groups: one that would keep a journal of things they were grateful for, another that would record daily irritations, and a third that would journal about neutral life events. The groups that kept daily or weekly gratitude journals showed heightened well-being across several measurement scales, with a clear improvement in positive affect.

Practicing gratitude can also make a positive difference in the mental health of people who are suffering from issues like depression and anxiety. A 2015 study of 293 adults seeking psychotherapy services found that those who wrote letters expressing gratitude to others while undergoing therapy reported significantly better mental health than the control group who received psychotherapy only.

Other studies have found that higher levels of gratitude improved sleep quality, life satisfaction, and even longevity.

How to Practice Gratitude (and Reap the Benefits)

To get all the feel-good benefits of feeling grateful, make gratitude an action that you practice—and do it regularly. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Write down what you’re thankful for. Keep a journal or running list of all the people, events, and things that you’re grateful to have in your life. Set a daily or weekly reminder to write down new items, whether they’re large and significant or small, everyday pleasures.
  2. Send a thank you note, text, or make a phone call. Let a loved one know you’re grateful for a favor they did, time they spent with you, or that you’re thankful they’re a presence in your life.
  3. Show your appreciation for a colleague. Congratulate a coworker on a successful project, or recognize someone at work who always goes above and beyond. Better yet, let their manager know what a great job they’re doing.
  4. Thank people in your community for their service. Whether it’s the barista who always remembers your order or the crossing guard who always waves hello, let them know how much you appreciate the work they do.
  5. Meditate on what you’re grateful for. Take a few moments each day to reflect and experience the feeling of appreciation. Try a guided meditation app to get started.
  6. This Thanksgiving, invite guests to join in a gratitude exercise. Cover the dining table with a light colored butcher paper or a paper tablecloth, set out colorful pens, and invite everyone to write something they’re thankful for on the table in front of them. Then set the table as you normally would. When it’s time to clear the dishes before serving dessert, have everyone reveal what they’ve written and share with the group. Gratitude is contagious, and sharing in thankfulness together will lift everyone’s spirits—try it and see!


What Our Team is Thankful for This Season

We couldn’t let the holidays pass us by without giving thanks for our own triumphs and joys that make us smile. Here are just a few of the things the RevitaLash® Cosmetics team is grateful for:

“Over the years I have found a group of people who support me no matter what. These are co-workers, family and friends who root for me to succeed and support me in chasing my dreams. I am so grateful for this support system and the guidance they provide.” —Emily Grill, Global Director Digital Marketing & Strategy 


“I am blessed that my children are now on their own and each is successful.  A high school chemistry teacher, a future surgeon in his residency program, and an engineer with NASCAR. It was a long journey for each, and I couldn’t be prouder.” —Andy Rickelmann, Purchasing Manager 


“Gratitude fills my heart for the privilege of residing in the splendid state of California. The allure of delectable cuisine, idyllic weather, and a constant array of enjoyable activities make this place an absolute treasure.” —Jennifer Carter, Sales Manager, Domestic Sales


 “I am moved by, and grateful for the  moments of authentic connection in a world where challenges are ever present, and fear is the emotion du jour for so many.  Nothing quite touches the heart and restores the soul like a dose of true connection, providing perspective, helping us remember who we are, and that all is well.” —Lori Jacobus, President & Global Chief Marking Officer

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