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Fall’s Best Trends to Make the Most of Fine, Thinning Hair

Sep 21, 22
Image of model with wavy hair

Like seasons, the winds of fashion and beauty change. With autumn weather comes new looks for clothing, makeup, and hair. From runways in Milan and Paris to TikTok videos, these styles are sure to be on display come October. So, what are the autumn hair trends for 2022? Let’s take a closer look.


'90s Layers Are Back
model image

Long, tapered layers are the grown-up version of the hair you loved in the ‘90s. This isn’t the ‘Rachel’—these are strategically placed layers meant to frame your face and enhance the natural movement of your hair. Imagine a more shaggy, relaxed layered look.

Of course, volume is key. Flat, listless hair spells disaster for any layered cut. But more than volume, your hair needs to be strong, conditioned, and healthy. The simple solution is our Volumizing Hair Collection. The products—shampoo, conditioner, and foam—are designed to be used in tandem to not only address the needs of fine or thinning hair, but also to help nourish and hydrate strands, boost scalp health, and add shine and body. Your hair will look thicker, feel fuller, and perform better. You’ll get the most oomph from 2022’s layers.


Long Ponytails
model with pony tail

This fall, the classic ponytail is taken to new lengths with the addition of extensions and ultra-sleek, ultra-straight, glossy locks. This is the perfect pony… literally. Not a strand out of place and your lustrous hair on full display. (The hair tie is perfectly hidden under a wrapped strand.)

What takes this trend from basic to fab? Healthy hair. From roots to ends, make sure your hair and scalp are hydrated, nourished, and strong. A tight style like this will tug on your roots, so tread gently. If you are worried about thinning hair and long-term damage, try this trend no more than once a week. And always nourish your hair with enriching ingredients to defend against breakage and brittleness. Look for haircare with ingredients like biotin, panthenol, lipids, and peptides.


Sleek Bun
side profile of model

Like its ponytail counterpart, the slick-backed bun is a classic. It’s the ‘diamond earrings’ for your hair… always chic, always in style. Sculptural, sophisticated, and a breeze to achieve, this versatile style is perfectly paired with workwear, evening wear, or a graphic tee and sweats. There’s no place this style doesn’t look put together or scream elegance.

Remember to consider your face shape when you place your bun! The higher up a bun, the more elongated your face will appear. Rounder faces will seem slimmer with a high bun or pony, while oval or oblong faces will find lower updos are more flattering. It’s all about creating balance.



Hair Accessories
model with hair accessories

If you haven’t rocked a hair accessory since your grade-school scrunchie, it’s time to try something new. According to designers who showed in Paris and Milan, accessories are going to be huge for fall. And if you can’t trust Chanel, who can you trust? The more modern, sophisticated cousin of your 1990s butterfly clips, these grown-up additions offer elegant upgrades and feminine touches to even the most basic styles. Think pearl and diamond barrettes to pin back loose hair, bejeweled headbands to add oomph to a sleek pony, and feminine bows to create a graceful, refined element to even the messiest of messy buns. What’s not to love?




All the Bang without the Bangs…
model with no bangs

… or maintenance. Face framing, long layers are going to be big come this fall season. The perfect mix of last year’s curtain bangs and this year’s 90s layers, these long tendrils help soften buttoned-up looks and highlight your facial features. And the style couldn’t be easier. To achieve, simply let your layers fall where they wish as you work the majority of your hair into an updo. Think soft and romantic. Opt for light and loose waves that follow the shape of your face.

So, while the weather may still be summery, it’s time to prepare for your fall styles and discover the au courante coiffure that’s perfect for you! And remember, regardless of style, hair volume is the ultimate, timeless accessory. It’s the little black dress for your hair…  sexy, youthful, and never out of fashion.


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