image of model with beautiful lashes

5 Tips for Beautiful Lashes

September 24, 2020

If eyes are the window to your soul, then eyelashes should be the perfect pair of curtains. To keep lashes in tip-top shape, it’s important to create a routine that keeps them clean, nourished, and strong. Read on to find out some of our favorite tips keeping lashes healthy, bold and beautiful. 
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image of model with beautiful lashes

How to Get an At-Home Lash Lift

September 17, 2020

Lash lifts are all the rage these days, and for good reason. The downside is that they can be incredibly damaging to lashes, costly, and time consuming. If you’re thinking about a lash lift but aren’t quite ready to commit to the process, follow our simple 3-step routine that will give you those sky-high results without compromising the health and integrity of your lashes.
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Image of Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Panthenol, and Aloe

Every Skincare Ingredient You Need to Know About

September 15, 2020

Before purchasing a new product it’s important to know what different ingredients do, how they work, and what type of problem they help with. So, we’ve broken down some of the most popular skincare ingredients, as well as some of our personal favorites in an effort to help you successfully navigate the ingredient cornucopia.
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Image of model removing makeup with a cotton pad

The Right Order to Apply Your Skincare

September 08, 2020

Creating a good skincare routine is important but knowing the right order to apply your products is just as important – if not more! We’ll break down the best way to apply your skincare and why.
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Image of 2 RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner tubes

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About RevitaLash Advanced

August 25, 2020

We consistently receive questions about the best way to use RevitaLash Advanced, when to use it, who can use it – the list goes on and on - so we thought we’d round up our most frequently asked questions and answer them for you before you have the chance to ask.
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Image of Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Volume Enhancing Foam

RevitaLash Cosmetics for All…(Yes, Men Too!)

August 24, 2020

Beauty is about style and confidence; it knows no gender. At RevitaLash Cosmetics, we believe in creating beauty for all, yet we still have work to do when it comes to making men feel comfortable and empowered to adopt new products into their grooming routines.
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Image of RLC Teams favorite summer products

Team RLC’s Favorite Summer Products

August 11, 2020

It’s safe to say this summer has been a strange one (a global pandemic will do that sometimes). On the bright side, it’s left us a lot of time to try new hobbies, perfect recipes, experiment with our skin, haircare, and makeup routines and more. Here are some of the products Team RLC has fallen in love with this summer!
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image of models hands dispensing AquaBlur onto fingertip

Tips + Tricks: AquaBlur

August 06, 2020

One of our most multi-functional products is our AquaBlur Hydrating Eye Gel and Primer – it soothes and hydrates skin, blurs imperfections, creates an amazing base for makeup, and adds strength to lashes and brows. And that’s only the beginning!
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Image of the 3 stages of the Lash Cycle

Everything You Need to Know About Your Lash Cycle

July 28, 2020

Today, there are endless options for achieving the lashes you long for, whether it’s choosing an eyelash serum like RevitaLash® Advanced for healthier, stronger lashes, opting for lash extensions to add dramatic volume, or simply sticking to mascara for an everyday look. Before getting caught up in expensive beauty treatments or jumping to conclusions about lash fallout, it’s important to understand the cycle of this small but oh so important feature.
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Image of RevitaBrow Advanced inside a beaker and one open RevitaBrow Advanced laying open on its side

5 Reasons to Try RevitaBrow Advanced

July 27, 2020

Full, feathered arches are one of the most coveted attributes these days. Women go to great lengths to achieve their desired results, from eyebrow enhancing makeup, microblading treatments, and even eyebrow extensions. Luckily, the key to the brows of your dreams might just be a brow conditioner or serum.
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Image of Micellar Water Lash Wash and AquaBlur in mini fridge

4 Beauty Products You Should Store in Your Fridge

July 22, 2020

Ever heard of a beauty fridge? Well, it’s time to incorporate this term into your vernacular. Beauty fridges are essentially mini fridges that allow you to store your beauty products in a controlled setting, thus helping them last longer or make them more efficacious.
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Image of model with glowing summer skin and natural look

The Perfect No Makeup-Makeup Look for Summer

July 15, 2020

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no time like the present to experiment with a lighter, more natural, fuss-free makeup look. With our 5-step no makeup-makeup look, you can feel beautifully put together while allowing your skin to breathe, and your natural beauty to shine through. 
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