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Castor Oil For Lash Health?

May 24, 21
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It’s comforting to think our great grandmothers’ folk wisdom is chock full of insight and passed down to us with love. And a lot of her remedies are just that - a way to use local ingredients to fix what ails you.

Then again, a lot of it isn’t.

For example: are you ready to wrap a slice of potato on your forehead to ease a headache? The optics are all wrong. Ibuprofen or potato? You choose.

And yet, many of these ‘back to basics’ remedies are useful… to a point.   

A drop of clove oil rubbed on an aching tooth helps until you can get to the dentist. But if it’s a question of clove oil or Novocain, why would you ignore the science and opt for a partial pain solution?

Eyelashes, Eyebrows Go Low Tech

 There’s a lot of chatter about oils of all sorts that are believed to help lashes and brows get longer and stronger and… well… everything else. And yes, it’s nice to believe that something low tech and less expensive can work wonders on your lashes and brows.

But can they? It’s possible. But will they work wonders and miracles? Not so much.

 A quick trip around the blogosphere and you’ll see everything from Avocado oil, to Castor Oil, to Argan Oil, to Coconut Oil and even Vaseline… each touted as great for your brows and lashes. But, do they actually work?

Castor oil has been a natural remedy for hair loss dating back to the Wild West. Recently, it’s become very popular for eyebrows and eyelashes. Like most oils, Castor Oil is a hydrator. And that’s all. There’s no formula, no science, no magic. Only a simple, single ingredient that does a one thing. At most, it can keep your lashes and brows moisturized, which may help prevent breakage. But there are no studies, merely empirical reports… you know, personal stories you choose to believe or not. 

The case for Castor Oil was best summed up by ophthalmologist Ilyse Haberman, MD in an article in Cosmopolitan.com. Here’s the conclusion: “There is no evidence that conclusively demonstrates that castor oil causes eyelashes to actually grow.”

Petroleum jelly, like Aquaphor or Vaseline, is derived from a mix of mineral oils and waxes and has been around since 1859. Originally developed to help oil workers heal wounds and burns, the balm seals cracked skin with a water protective barrier, helping repair and hydrate.

Does it help moisturize skin, lashes, and brows? Yes. But like castor oil, hydration is the single benefit you’ll get!  

Go Hi-Def and Hi-Tech for Better Brows and Lashes 

We live in a Golden Age of cosmetics. Never have there been as many breakthroughs as the last 20 years. Science has progressed so quickly that ‘miracle’ products from 2000 are already passé. Cosmetic researchers have raised the beauty bar to meet the demands of women and men looking for easy-to-use, results-driven products that perform flawlessly and make their life easier.

These days, the best cosmetics are not single-ingredient with a single function. If all you had were single ingredients, you would need to apply a dozen products twice a day every day. Imagine,  antioxidants, hydrators, exfoliants, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging peptides, and individual nutrients, ad infinitum.

All This in a Single Drop

 Look at the ingredients in RevitaLash® Advanced to appreciate how miraculous this lash-specific serum is. 

  • BioPeptin Complex®: A proprietary technology including peptides, Biotin, Lipids, and Green Tea Extract rich in Panthenol. The serum helps condition, strengthen, and soften eyelashes while defending from breakage and brittleness.
  • Ginseng & Swertia Japonica: Plant extracts rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin B, help protect and revitalize.
  • Saw Palmetto: High in fatty acids and plant sterols to help condition and add shine.
  • Amino Acids and B Vitamins: Help fortify, smooth and condition.

RevitaBrow® Advanced brings the same multifunctionality, the same brow-specificity, the same level of science.

 Both perform their magic via formulations that include results-driven ingredients (whenever possible), Vegan friendly, cruelty free, physician developed and fragrance free. They are, in a word… and with no disrespect to great grandma… incomparable!


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