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A Better Lash Lift? Here’s How!

Apr 16, 21
Image of model looking off to the left with beautiful lifted lashes

Imagine, gorgeous, dark, curled lashes before you have your first cup of coffee! That’s the beauty of a lash lift.

What a fantastic way to make your eyes pop, and a great alternative to eyelash extensions, particularly for women with chemical sensitivities. A lift is low maintenance, relatively low cost ($75 - $150 depending on where you live), and can last as long as eight weeks. This perm-like treatment gives your natural lashes a beautiful, sexy curl. It’s a facelift for your eyes! Add a tint to go with the lift service and you may decide to lay off your mascara entirely! 

A lash lift is less stressful on your lashes than extensions, and very similar in damage level as coloring your hair. The procedure is safe when done right, though problems can occur if the perming solution is left on for too long. If you add a tint, there’s a slight risk of an allergic reaction, which is why it’s best to find an experienced lash lift pro.

The treatment itself is straightforward: boosting and lifting each lash. Your natural lashes grow out. A lift helps them grow up and reach their beautiful potential. Fantastic.

The Secrets to a Better Lash Lift

Imagine the problems you can run into if you’re trying to lift weak, broken, brittle lashes. The possibility of complications is compounded, while the long-term damage could take time and effort to correct.

Before you start, be sure your lashes are as healthy, hydrated, and strong as possible. The better the condition of your lashes, the better the lift… and the longer it can last. 

So, How Are You Taking Care of Your Lashes?

Ask yourself this question and you might find your lash routine is not at all consistent. You clean your lashes and try keeping them hydrated, but that’s just someday, not every day. You know, it’s kinda like flossing… “whenever you think about it or whenever you have the time.” Point is, you could do more to protect these precious assets.

A Bit of History:  In 2006, lash care changed for the better with Dr. Brinkenhoff’s creation of RevitaLash Cosmetics original formula (if you don’t know this loving story, please visit Our Impact). At last, women had a more effective way of protecting and hydrating their lashes. That breakthrough created an entire industry of lash and brow care, and spawned hundreds if not thousands of copy-cat knockoffs coming from every corner of the globe - cheap “third world” counterfeit products that are useless at best and could be harmful at their worst (always do your research!)

Before your lift (or eyelash extensions), and then every day (just like flossing), you need to pamper your lashes (and brows). It won’t take long. And the results will be fantastic, and enhanced with your lash lift.

Clean your lashes… with a gentle purifier designed for lashes. Some grocery store lash products are, well, from the grocer - with harsh ingredients that do a little to clean and a lot to dry and damage lashes further.

Ever heard of micellar water? It’s the scientific name for a type of water (containing charged ions) that actually attracts dirt, oil, and makeup from lashes and brows. Your lashes are left clean and residue-free. There’s nothing else like it for a deep but gentle clean. Learn more about the value of Micellar Water.

Then, nourish and protect lashes with an eyelash conditioner to protect against breakage, improve strength, shine and flexibility (all essential for the perfect lash lift). The Ophthalmologist developed eyelash conditioner remains the favorite of women in 70+ countries - RevitaLash Advanced.

Survey results from an independent 6-week consumer study including 63 participants reported  

98% of users experienced improved lash appearance, healthier-looking lashes, and stronger lashes. See for yourself - RevitaLash Advanced

The science of lash care has come a long way from grandma’s petroleum jelly days. Now you have a choice of products and techniques. But none of these will do you much good without consistency. If you do these two things each day, you will be rewarded with stunning, natural lashes. Add a lash lift and the results can be nothing short of spectacular!

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