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5 Tips for Beautiful Lashes

Sep 24, 20
image of model with beautiful lashes

If eyes are the window to your soul, then eyelashes should be the perfect pair of curtains. Eyelashes enhance the natural beauty of the eyes by making eyes seem bigger and more alert while also adding definition and drama. To keep lashes in tip-top shape, it’s important to create a routine that keeps them clean, nourished, and strong. Read on to find out some of our favorite tips keeping lashes healthy, bold and beautiful. 

Start with a Serum

If you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to assume you’ve heard of our best selling and award-winning eyelash serum, RevitaLash® Advanced. There’s a reason this Ophthalmologist developed lash conditioner is sold almost twice a minute in over 70 countries globally, and that’s because it works*. This vegan friendly, cruelty free formula features our proprietary BioPeptin Complex®, a breakthrough blend of vitamins and nutrients your lashes need to stay strong, healthy and beautiful.

Cleanse Properly

Lashes can’t remain healthy if they’re caked with makeup, oils and sebum, which is why it’s important to cleanse them daily (even if you don’t wear makeup!). We recommend our Micellar Water Lash Wash – a residue-free, gentle cleanser for lashes, brows, lids and face. Formulated with unique micelle technology, this hydrating cleanser draws out dirt, makeup, and oils without the need to be rinsed off. It’s also oil-free, meaning it can be used on eyelash extensions!

Curl Correctly

We love lash curlers, but unfortunately, they can cause damage to lashes if used incorrectly. Always make sure to use your lash curler on clean, dry lashes, and never on lashes with makeup. This can cause lashes to become weak and even break, which is the last thing we want when we’re going for bold, voluminous fringe.

Find a Multipurpose Mascara

There are hundreds, if not thousands of mascaras on the market, but not all are created equally. To keep lashes strong and healthy, make sure to look for a mascara with lash-loving ingredients like our Double-Ended Volume Set. Featuring good-for-you ingredients like Peptides, Panthenol and Biotin, this unique primer and mascara duo helps to moisturize, fortify and condition lashes as you wear.

Stay Away from Waterproof

Waterproof mascara has a time and a place (weddings, vacation, etc), but in our opinion, it’s a definite no when it comes to everyday makeup. Waterproof mascara is notoriously difficult to remove and often requires tugging, pulling and rubbing, which results in damage and lash loss.  To keep lashes strong and healthy, look for a non-waterproof or water-resistant formula, and always make sure to avoid harsh movements when removing makeup. 

* Headline figure based on the sell-through and run rate of RevitaLash® Advanced units in 2019, divided by number of seconds in a year. 

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