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How to Transform Sparse Brows

Jan 10, 22
model with hands behind her head and full brows

Whether you’ve got big plans for a revamped head-to-toe you, or you’re just looking to make a few tweaks to your routine, there’s one New Year’s resolution we can all get behind: being kinder to your brows.

This might mean growing out your brows after they’ve been overgroomed. If that’s the case for you, know that there’s a right way to do it.

What to Expect When Growing Out Your Brows

Before you begin, know what you’re in for. According to Healthline, if you’re starting with over-plucked, over-waxed brows, you can look forward to a year-long journey; although you will notice a substantial difference within the first two or three months.

So, be patient and kind to your existing brow hairs. You need them to survive and thrive. RevitaBrow® Advanced and Lash & Brow Masque are must haves to condition and repair existing and emerging brows.

How to Get Started 

To begin, speak with a healthcare professional to eliminate the possibility of an underlying issue with your sparse brows. There are several medical reasons for brow loss. Getting to the ‘root’ cause is important. While rare, biotin or iron deficiencies can slow hair growth. A good multivitamin supplement can’t hurt.

When it comes to topical treatments, avoid heavy occlusives like castor oil or petroleum jelly. You must keep brow follicles clean for maximum growth potential. An oil-free brow conditioner is a better bet to keep existing brow hairs hydrated and healthy-looking while you wait for new hairs to grow.

Tweezing? Only the occasional wild hair, that’s it. To avoid breakage, tweeze after a shower when brows are soft and supple. 

Style Your Brows While They Regrow

As new growth emerges, there will come a time to visit a professional to help shape your new brows. Together, you’ll decide on the style. With a ‘plan’ for your brows, future growth can be ‘trained’ and trimmed into shape.

In the meantime, use a brow pencil or volumizing gel to make your new, emerging brows look fuller until they reach their beautiful potential. Here’s to a bolder 2022.


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