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Travel-Friendly Hair Products for Your Summer Getaway

May 19, 22
Travel-sized Volumizing Hair Collection including Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and Volume Enhancing Foam

Planning to hit the road this summer? Maybe a business trip to NYC, a week in Paris, or a trip home to reunite with your family. Or all three, if you’re lucky. 

Of course, you want to look dazzling wherever your trip takes you. But packing your entire, full-size beauty routine isn't an option, especially if you're flying. Instead, take your must-haves only, preferably travel-sized hair care products to save space and money. Pick up any extras at your destination, or do without for a few days. You might enjoy a brief holiday from your daily routine.

Don’t Take Shortcuts with Your Hair

A getaway presents the perfect opportunity to wear less makeup and embrace a fresh-faced look. You can feel good about leaving the overflowing makeup bag at home.

But when it comes to your hair, stick with those essentials that work for you. Traveling is no time to experiment with new products and techniques that could go wrong and add stress to your trip.

On the Road with Fine or Thinning Hair

Good news: Now you can take your complete hair thickening routine with you in your carry-on.

Forget those watered-down hotel shampoos. For your best hair, you’ll want thickening formulas that are designed to work well together: shampoo, conditioner, and volume-enhancing foam. With a full routine, the results can be extraordinary: a healthy scalp and fuller-feeling, thicker-looking hair that’s strong, shiny, and beautiful.

Our new Volumizing Hair Collection is sized to be the perfect travel companion, and comes with everything you need for healthy hair:

Thickening Shampoo: Free of sulfate detergents, this formula offers a gentle but thorough clean that doesn’t strip your hair and scalp of natural oils. Plus, the shampoo contains therapeutic ingredients (such as loquat leaf, willow bark, and biotin) that support optimum scalp help, fortify the hair cuticle, and work to improve hair shaft thickness. The result? More body, more fullness.

Thickening Conditioner: This lightweight formula nourishes without weighing down your hair. With biotin to support hair volume and strength, panthenol to hydrate and improve shine, and flax protein to protect against breakage, this hydrating conditioner transforms weak, brittle hair into fuller-bodied tresses. 

Volume Enhancing Foam: A few pumps of this advanced formulation will have hair looking and feeling revitalized. This unisex hair enhancer intensifies natural volume, improves elasticity to help combat breakage, and helps condition for a healthy scalp. Proprietary BioPeptin Complex® technology helps condition, strengthen, and soften hair while defending from breakage and brittleness. You’ll get all the lift and volume you’ve ever wanted.

Travel with Confidence

Luxurious locks are the real traveling essentials. But you don’t have to pack up your bathroom to get healthy hair on the go — three steps are all you need.


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