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Gift a Complete Lash & Brow Routine They’ll Love All Year

Nov 23, 22
Gift a Complete Lash & Brow Routine They’ll Love All Year

Holiday gift giving… so joyful and yet so agonizing. Why does it seem that moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, work allies, and besties already have everything they need? And you don’t want to resort to some clichéd or repeat gift that doesn’t reflect how much these people mean to you. Excellent gift giving is more nuanced and certainly more complicated! 

This year, let us save you from your gifting dilemma. With our award-winning, brilliant lash and brow beauty products, you’ll be the hero of the season with gifts she won’t return and won’t forget! So smart, so thoughtful. You’ve got this gift-giving thing under control. 

'Eye Opening' Gifts

If your BFF isn't already a fan of RevitaLash® Cosmetics, this is the perfect time to turn her on to better, bolder, more gorgeous brows and lashes.

Consider gifting her a trio of best sellers with our Fan Favorites Collections. They're the ideal combination of thoughtful and luxurious that will leave her feeling and looking oh so loved.

  • Fan Favorites featuring RevitaLash® Advanced
    • RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner (full size)
    • Double-Ended Volume Set
    • Double-Ended Hi-Def Brow Gel (Soft Brown + Dark Brown)
  • Fan Favorites featuring RevitaBrow® Advanced
    • RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (full size)
    • Double-Ended Volume Set
    • Double-Ended Hi-Def Brow Gel (Soft Brown + Dark Brown)
Gorgeous Lashes (and Bold Brows) with This Regimen Featuring RevitaLash® Advanced

The stuff that eyelash dreams are made of. Perfect for the giftee who craves full, magnificent lashes… meaning everyone. It’s a can’t miss present or the year’s best stocking stuffer.

The star is world-famous RevitaLash® Advanced. This breakthrough formula transforms how women care for their lashes. The conditioning serum incorporates advanced chemistry, powerful peptides, and proven botanicals to help repair, protect, strengthen, and revitalize. Lashes go from weak and brittle to strong, healthy, and hydrated. With less breakage, increased flexibility, and protection from environmental stressors (think free radicals, cosmetics, and pollution) lashes will reach their full potential. Better lashes, all in a single daily application!

And make sure to tell her about The Curl Effect®. Yes, using RevitaLash® Advanced can help give lashes natural curl and lift.

Is she a fan of cosmetic lash services? If she’s a falsie queen or an extension lover, she needs RevitaLash® Advanced. The formula will help strengthen and protect her natural lashes between and during extension services.

To up the ante, you’ll need the Double-Ended Volume Set. This volumizing primer and mascara pair transforms thin, uninviting lashes into the lengthiest, fullest natural lashes of your life in a matter of minutes. Easy to use, the set preps and enhances lashes, providing effortless length and buildable volume, while the conditioning formula incorporates peptides, panthenol, and plant extracts to help fortify each strand, improve flexibility, moisturize, and enhance natural shine. Even the applicator is perfected. The volume-building, hourglass brush will let her accentuate and volumize each lash. And the indigo-tinted primer enhances both the whites of the eyes and the depth of the mascara, creating brighter-looking, more alluring eyes. So simple and so smart.

To complete the look, turn to Hi-Def Brow Gel to sculpt and shape even the most untamed brows. With a conditioning formula that offers soft, flexible hold (never stiff), you can define, shape, and enhance your natural brows with all-day hold. The best part? The universally flattering shades (soft brown, dark brown, and clear) mean you can’t go wrong. For a braver look (or naturally dark hair) opt for the darker shade. Lighter hair, soft brown. Au naturale, go for clear. There’s no wrong way to gel. 

Bottom line? Together or separately, these fan favorites will become her best-loved ‘go to’ essentials… and maybe her top gift of this or any season!

Bold Brows (and Volumized Lashes) with This Regimen Featuring RevitaBrow® Advanced 

You know her best. Is she focused on her brows? Are they her crowning glory? She’ll adore these best-sellers designed to take her eyebrows to their expressive, sensual best.

The routine is as easy; start with RevitaBrow® Advanced.

It’s the globally beloved conditioner for audacious brows… and the original physician-developed, multi-award-winning brow serum created to address the visible signs of eyebrow aging. Peptides, biotin, lipids, and green tea extract work to help condition, strengthen, and soften eyebrows. Natural antioxidants boost protection from environmental stressors while nutrients help retain essential moisture. In no time, her brows will look and feel fantastic. Apply once a day, that’s it!

Next, you’ll want to add Hi-Def Brow Gel. This multi-tasking styler tames, sculpts, and defines brows with instant, striking results. Brows will be conditioned, softened, and set in a long-wear formula that won’t melt away throughout the day. Perfectly coifed, bold brows in the perfect mineral tint (soft brown, dark brown) or clear. A brow lover’s (and gift giver’s) dream. 

With her new, healthier, sexier brows what better compliment than longer, fuller, fluttery lashes? Double-Ended Volume Set will take her eyes to the next level. Not only is the set two cosmetics in one ­– a lash primer and mascara ­– but it’s ideal for amplifying her natural lashes and enhancing volume. The deep indigo color of the primer produces the perfect contrast for a whiter, brighter eye. If her lashes are lackluster, this primer and mascara will help magnify the body, shine, and length.

Are you giving her better brows (and lashes) or increased confidence? Why not both! 

Up Your Gift Giving Game

The surprised expressions, the broad smiles, and the ‘thank you’ hugs are what it’s all about, right?

“How do you do it?” they’ll ask. No one needs to know your little shopping secret…. the gift of fantastic lashes and brows never fails to thrill!

P.S. While you’re making friends and family happy, why not give yourself the gift of luscious lashes and bolder brows? Don’t you also deserve a little something you truly want this season?

P.P.S. Still not sure what to get? Let them choose with a revitalash.com gift card.


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