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What Our Brow Conditioner Does & Why You Need It

May 18, 23
Image of model using RevitaBrow Advanced applicator

Far from the days when overplucked brows ruled (we’re looking at you, late ‘90s and early aughts), we’re currently experiencing the golden age of eyebrows. Never before have there been so many ways to tend to your brows: brow laminations that leave hairs fluffed and lifted, microblading services that promise semi-permanent fullness, and every pencil, pomade, wax, and gel under the sun.

But if there’s one must-have for any brow enthusiast, it’s a conditioning serum. A brow conditioner is essential to keeping your natural brows healthy and strong — even more so if you indulge in regular brow services or wear makeup daily. And when it comes to brow conditioners, RevitaBrow® Advanced is the category’s gold standard. Here’s what you need to know about using a brow serum — and why this one is the industry’s go-to.

What Does a Brow Conditioner Do?
First things first: A brow conditioner works by softening and strengthening eyebrow hairs to protect against breakage and brittleness. Common factors like chemical and environmental stressors, grooming routines, and styling products can leave brows compromised. A brow conditioning serum can help brows retain moisture and improve flexibility. The result? Healthier-looking, lush and luxurious brows.

Made by Experts, Loved by Experts
Developed by a physician, our founder Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, RevitaBrow® Advanced has earned accolades from real users (with over 7,000 5-star reviews/ratings*) as well as the industry’s foremost beauty experts. The product has won Allure’s prestigious Best of Beauty Award not once… not twice… but 10 consecutive times, earning it a spot in the publication’s Best of Beauty Hall of Fame. No other brow serum has reached such an iconic status.

Why Try RevitaBrow® Advanced?
If Allure editors’ stamp of approval isn’t reason enough, consider these benefits:

  1. It improves your brows’ appearance. In an 8-week survey, real users reported improved overall appearance (96%), more defined-looking eyebrows (94%), and bolder, fuller-looking brows (92%).And if you haven’t seen the real results of our 2-step brow routine featuring RevitaBrow® Advanced and our tinted Hi-Def Brow Gel, check out these before and after photos.
  2. It protects against breakage. Services like brow lamination, tinting, or bleaching brows can leave hairs compromised. RevitaBrow® Advanced is safe to use after these services, and in fact, is often recommended by brow artists and estheticians as aftercare for their brow clients.
  3. It’s easy to fit into your routine. A few short strokes once a day is all it takes to see improved brows. You can apply RevitaBrow® Advanced morning or night to clean, dry eyebrows. Once the serum dries, you can even apply your makeup over it.
  4. It costs less than $1 a day. A full-size, 3.0 mL tube will last you at least four months — plenty of time to establish your new, healthy brow routine…for less than you’d spend on coffee.
  5. It’s made with top-notch ingredients. The formula is powered by our breakthrough BioPeptin Complex®. This proprietary blend features peptides, biotin, lipids, and green tea extract rich in panthenol to help condition, strengthen, and soften eyebrows while defending from breakage and brittleness. What you won’t find on the ingredients list: Parabens, phthalates, oil, fragrance, or gluten. Like all our products, the serum is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Ready to find out why a tube of RevitaBrow® Advanced is sold every 90 seconds

*An aggregated total of all five-star reviews/ratings globally as of 10/6/2022.
Survey results from an independent 8-week consumer study including 112 women and men.
Based on 2022 sales of RevitaBrow® Advanced, divided by the number of seconds in a year.

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