Professional-Grade Tool

Precision Tweezers

Our professional grade tweezers make it easy to create perfectly groomed, arched brows. Angled, thin edge tips provide precise hair removal, while an easy grip design allows for expert handling.

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The Details

Precision Tweezers

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Hold the skin taut to help remove hair with less discomfort.


Tweeze stray hairs around the brow arch, removing only the obvious coarse/dark hair especially between the eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sanitize these tweezers?
Yes! We recommend sanitizing your tweezers with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball, then rinsing and drying thoroughly.
How does the 2-year limited warranty work?
The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in your RevitaLash® Cosmetics Precision Tweezer, valid for two years after your date of purchase. RevitaLash Cosmetics® will offer you a replacement Precision Tweezer at 50% off the price you paid for your original pair, plus complimentary outbound shipping and handling fees.

To activate the guarantee, simply provide your proof of purchase. A copy of the Two-Year Limited Warranty for this product is available by contacting us at or 877-909-5274.
Where are the tweezers made?
Our tweezers are made in Italy.

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