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Your Guide to Post-Summer Hair Repair

Oct 01, 21
Image of woman combing conditioner through her wet hair

Did you have an amazing summer? With heat and sun come your favorite summer activities… beach days, swimming pools, and cabana lounging, drink in hand. But all the salt water, chlorine, bright sun, and sweat can lead to dry, scorched, lifeless hair screaming for help!

Bring on the Moisture

If you used the extra-long days to spend as much time outside as possible, your scalp will need some extra attention. While sweat itself isn’t bad for your hair, allowing sweat to remain in your hair after your workout or outdoor adventure can be distressing to hair and scalp. If you don’t remove the sweat, either through washing or brushing, the result can be clogged follicles, dryness, and flaking. The good news? This is easy to fix and prevent.

One of the best tips to prevent buildup? A cleansing shampoo. Look for a formula with exfoliating ingredients that help to keep the scalp clear and clean. Our Thickening Shampoo features Willow Bark, a gentle exfoliator that aids in overall hair health, along with nourishing ingredients like Biotin, Panthenol, and Loquat Leaf.

You know what makes dry hair even drier? Chlorine! The chemical is a major culprit in summer hair damage, acting as a disinfectant and bleaching agent. Chlorine is ‘so good,’ it even strips the oils from your strands. A lack of oil means breakage, split-ends, and a sensitive scalp. To make matters worse, salt water can also dehydrate your hair. If you’ve spent days at the beach, your locks may be more damaged than you think.

To repair the scalp and replenish the lost moisture, you need a conditioner with only the best ingredients. Our Thickening Conditioner is formulated with Biotin, Panthenol, and Flax Protein, which work together to nourish and hydrate hair.

Sun Baked Strands

Did you notice your hair color faded more quickly this summer? Your natural color lightens with the sun. Remember using lemon juice to give yourself extra highlights in the early 2000s? Well, that bleaching effect, lemon juice or no, is damaging. The heat is drying your strands and killing the melanin, which, unlike your skin, cannot regenerate. So, if you’ve noticed your hair is a little lighter than normal, you may also observe your hair is looking brittle and flat. It’s damaged, simple as that.

If you’re fighting dry, dull hair post summer, the Volumizing Hair Collection is exactly what you need. The team of products, including shampoo, conditioner, and foam, work in tandem to optimize scalp health while nourishing and hydrating hair. Your lovely locks will look shiner and feel fuller. 

Remember, while summer may only be a few months long, damage to your hair and scalp (and skin) can last a lot longer! It’s imperative you take the time to replenish your scalp and strands, especially when headed into the colder months, where additional damage is just around the corner. Be safe out there!


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