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Apr 06, 22
Close up image of eye with graphic shaped eyeliner

Tired of every new trend requiring another new product? There’s a way to experiment with of-the-moment styles without breaking the bank or cluttering up your makeup bag. It’s all about choosing smart products that can create multiple looks with minimal effort – like our Defining Liner. This richly pigmented, high-impact cream liner is both easy to use and oh so versatile, no matter the trend.

Trend Spotting 

Thanks to HBO’s Euphoria, bold eye makeup looks are taking center stage. Whether it’s graphic liner in unexpected hues or embellishments like crystals and iridescent glitter, these looks are inspiring makeup lovers to step out of their comfort zones.

According to the show’s makeup artist, Doniella Davy, makeup is used as an extension of each character’s personality: playing up confidence, bringing the bold, making a statement. That’s a clever idea everyone can get behind!

Try out these Euphoria-inspired eyeliner styles using only Defining Liner and a dash of creative flair.

Graphic Shapes

Bold, graphic lines have only one rule: liner should look crisp and deliberate.

Otherwise, the look is entirely up to you. Want a double wing? How about cut crease liner (lining the crease of your lid and ending in a wing slightly above your lash line)?

Care to try a freeform shape? Play around with geometry, and bring out the graphic design with color or glitter. This style is about self-expression.

Here’s the key. These simple eyeliner looks are a snap with Defining Liner’s smudge-proof, silky moisture-locking formula. It glides on your lid without skipping or pulling, while the built-in sharpener means you always have a precise application tip. The smudge tool helps to quickly clean up any stray lines.

Dotted Lines

Looking for something completely new? How about dots? The attention-grabbing effect can be used alone or with your favorite liner styles. Try dots along your lash line instead of solid liner, or a single dot in the center of your lower lash line. 

Enhance your winged liner by adding a row of dots above the line. Go crazy and give yourself confetti dots, or faux freckles. Defining Liner’s pinpoint precision delivers absolute control, so your inner child can go wild!

Smudged Cat Eye 

The softer, more subtle sister to the classic cat eye gives you the same drama without the intense definition (perfect for those intimidated by impeccable lines). This style is easy to achieve and fun to play with. Apply a traditional cat eye flick. The size is up to you (try different lengths and widths). Then get smudging. It couldn’t be easier with Defining Liner’s built-in smudge tool. Simply touch the tool to the top edge of your liner and gently pull upward to soften the lines and create a subtle gradient. Top with a smoky shadow, or don’t. Either way, the technique is perfect for a simple but very put together look.

Want even more oomph? Pair any of your best eyeliner looks with Double-Ended Volume Set. This outstanding volume enhancing duo will take your graphic designs to the next level. The eyelash primer in deep indigo enhances the topcoat mascara for livelier looking eyes. The buildable mascara gives richly pigmented, luxurious lashes with minimum effort.  

While beauty trends will come and go, and then return, voluminous lashes are never, ever out of style.


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