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Make the Most of Microbladed, Laminated, or Tinted Brows

Jun 05, 23
Image of woman getting brow tinting

Whether thin and ‘90s inspired or full and fluffed, the brow statement you’ve been dreaming of is just an appointment away. In the hands of a talented brow artist, services like microblading, brow lamination, and brow tinting can make any eyebrow look you desire a reality.

But getting the best results from your professional brow service is a team effort. How you care for your brows before and after your treatment plays a massive part in the quality and longevity of your results.

Your Brow Artist Wishes You’d Use This Serum
Experts agree: When your natural brows are strong and healthy, your brow service results will be better—and even, in some cases, longer lasting.

The reason? Healthy hair is more resilient to the potentially damaging effects of tints or dyes, as well as chemical solutions used during a brow lamination. And robust natural brow hairs help microblading look even bolder and more realistic. 

That’s why adding RevitaBrow® Advanced to your daily brow regimen is key. With consistent use, you’ll see a clear difference in your natural brows’ vitality.

Our brow formula is designed specifically for eyebrows, and is powered by the same strengthening BioPeptin Complex® found in our best-selling RevitaLash® Cosmetics Conditioners.  

Consider this: In an independent 8-week consumer study of 112 users, 96% experienced improved brow appearance, 94% saw more defined-looking brows, and 92% saw bolder, fuller-looking brows.

And that’s without any brow artist intervention. Just imagine how spectacular your brows will look when you combine this powerful serum with your favorite service.

Style & Nourish Your Brows at the Same Time
Makeup can take your professionally done brows to the next level—but avoid drying formulas that can leave brows brittle. Instead, choose color cosmetics that condition and nourish your brows (and skin) while you wear them:

Hi-Def Brow Pencil: Take your microbladed, laminated, or tinted brows up a notch by defining their shape with a pencil. Our water-resistant formula features vitamin E to provide natural conditioning and antioxidant benefits.





Hi-Def Brow Gel: The perfect sculpting styler for a brow lamination—or any brows that could use a bit of control. Peptides and oat beta glucan in this formula help fortify, condition, and enhance natural brow hairs, keeping them supple and soft. Choose our clear gel for a natural look, or tinted gel to boost your brows’ boldness.


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