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Your Eye Makeup Routine, Simplified

February 08, 2022

Image of RevitaLash Cosmetics lash & brow color cosmetics including Hi-Def Brow Pencil, Hi-Def Brow Gel, Double-Ended Volume Set and Defining Liner Eyeliner

Everyone loves a product that pulls double duty: a dress that’s equally chic for brunch or on a date, a bag that holds workday essentials and doubles as an airplane carryon, a CC cream that moisturizes as it covers imperfections. Multipurpose products streamline your routine, so you can do more in less time, save money, and look better. What’s not to like?

Multi-use products are particularly useful for creating a makeup arsenal that can adapt to any situation. With the right lash, brow, and eye essentials, your makeup routine can easily go from daytime natural to dramatic and bold for night. Here’s how.

Begin with the Brows

To perfect your brows for day or night, you’ll need a brow pencil to shape and define your arches, and a brow gel to groom and set the hair.

Choose a brow pencil in a shade that works with your hair color and complexion:

  • Soft Brown – Perfect for those with lighter complexions and blonde or light brown hair
  • Warm Brown – Great for those with warmer undertones and darker hair
  • Cool Brown – Ideal for those with cool undertones and light brown to medium brown hair

A tinted brow gel (like our Hi-Def Brow Gel) can provide both color and all-day hold—a true 2-in-1.

To shape and fill your brows, start where yours are sparse. Working outward from the area that requires the most attention, use short, hair-like strokes to follow and mimic your natural growth. To move from day to night, top off your perfect brows with a brow gel. The hold, color, and sheen will create added drama, perfect for bold, confident, ‘date night’ brows.

Perfect Lashes, Always

For lashes that wow and won’t fade throughout the day, stick with products that are oil-free, conditioning, and water-resistant (and stay away from waterproof mascaras and liners, as the removal process can damage your delicate lashes).

While bold liner and dramatic lashes are synonymous with nighttime, a natural, daytime look requires their services as well. The ideal liner and mascara can enhance your eyes, give you the illusion of thicker lashes, making you appear immediately more awake.

Defining Liner is the gold standard. With silicone emollients and vitamin E, the liner’s silky formula glides across the lash line and lid, making application smooth and precise. The built-in sharpener and smudge tool mean you will always achieve the perfect smudge, cat eye, or tight line. A multitude of looks with a single product!

As for mascara, the double-duty, Double-Ended Volume Set will be your best friend. This mascara and primer in one both preps and enhances your lashes, providing effortless length and buildable volume. The conditioning formula contains peptides, panthenol, and plant extracts to help fortify your lashes, improve flexibility, moisturize, and enhance natural shine.

Daytime Sophistication

For a simple, elegant ‘day’ look, stick to enhancing a single feature. Bright eyes or red lips. Bold brows or dramatic lashes. A ‘statement’ feature, if you will.

For simple brows, use a light hand with your Hi-Def Brow Pencil to fill in any sparse areas and enhance symmetry.  The goal here is to keep your fill as natural as possible. Move in hair-like strokes and follow the less is more rule. For a not as precise but even easier look, tinted Hi-Def Brow Gel will color, enhance, and groom your brows while producing a natural-looking sheen. Perfect for getting out the door fast.

For bolder days, combine the two products to create unstoppable, model-like brows. Pair with mascara, a dab of blush or highlighter, and a clear lip gloss. Fresh faced and confident.

To enhance your eyes, apply a light liner along the top lashes. A tight line will enhance your natural fullness, while a blended or smudged line provides a bit more drama. Defining Liner’s built-in smudge tool and sharpener will make sure no matter what style you want—cat eye, smoldering smoky, or natural beauty—will be perfect every time. 

Finish any style with a single coat each from the Double-Ended Volume Set

Prepare for compliments.

Nighttime Routine 

Now is the chance to emphasize both lashes and brows to the max. Boldness is in play!

Using the same products from your daytime routine, amp up the color all around. Create denser, bolder, darker brows with the Hi-Def Brow Pencil. Keep the hair-like strokes, but play up your brow shape and intensity. And always set with Hi-Def Brow Gel.

Apply Defining Liner on both the top and bottom lash lines. Extend your cat eye by making it bolder or longer, or try lining your waterline. Now’s the time for experimentation.

Use multiple coats of the Volumizing Primer and Mascara, building the layers for enhanced drama and insane volume.

Finish with a bold lip, on-point contour, or cheeky blush.

With the proper products, the transition from day to night is a snap. Be bold. Be brave. Be beautifully you!


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