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When It Comes to Mascara… Here’s What You Don’t Know

July 15, 2021

Image of the Mascara spoolie and primer spoolie from the Double-Ended Volume Set

You use it every day and have for years, decades even. You’ve tried dozens of brands. Each month it seems there’s a new mascara grabbing all the buzz. Is it possible to have 10 “mascara miracles” every year? Well, you live in hope that the next one will be THE one.

You’d think after all these years, women would know all there is about mascara. Well, here’s what you don’t know: this cosmetic staple is more complex than you might imagine, with a history dating to 3,000 BC and beyond. The ancient Egyptian idea of mascara (used by men BEFORE women picked up the habit) was something called kohl – a form of charcoal.

So, let’s start with an important thing you’ve probably learned but forgotten: Sleeping in mascara can ruin your lashes. How? By making them stiff, dry, and prone to breakage while you’re tossing and turning. So clean your lashes before bed (Micellar Water is great, in part because it conditions your lashes as it cleans) and invest in some silk pillowcases. Better still, RevitaLash® Advanced eyelash serum delivers the hydration, the nutrients, the antioxidant power to build stronger, break-resistant lashes. One more thing: this formula can increase the natural curl of your lashes!

Also - stop pumping your mascara brush! Each time you push some air into the tube you’re causing the mascara to dry out faster. The result? Clumping and flaking and wasting your money. Instead, twist or wiggle the applicator to get the right amount of mascara.

Never share mascara. Yikes! If Covid hasn’t turned you into a germaphobe, well, there’s no hope. Are you anxious to get an eye infection?

Waterproof mascara isn’t all that great for your lashes. Traditional waterproof mascaras are hard to remove from delicate lashes and rough removal can cause extra lash loss and breakage. A 2013 study proved a higher lash fallout rate with waterproof mascaras. For long-lasting mascara choose water-resistant.

Give your mascara the sniff test. Any vinegar smell means it’s past its “sell by date.” Throw it out. But you can keep the applicator if it’s one you really like. Wash the wand and use it as a “spoolie” brush to help groom your brows.

With so many mascaras out there, you have to find the one that works for your lashes. Do you want length? Volume? Curl?  If you can’t find a single mascara that does the trick, trying making your own mascara cocktail from several brands.

The wand can make all the difference! Different shapes do different things to your lashes. For example, skinny wands help to coat every hair. Pointed ones help to build mascara. Curved wands are great for adding volume. S-shaped wands help add length and volume. Take the time to find the right shape for your lashes.

Finally, do you know who invented modern mascara? The not so modern Eugéne Rimmel in the late 1830s. In fact, for decades the French called mascara rimmel. 

Though mascara remains a highly personal choice, we believe we created the mascara to end all mascaras. Our Double-Ended Volume Set is a two-in-one volumizing miracle for lashes! It includes an indigo blue primer to separate and coat each lash, and a black volumizing mascara to add drama and oomph. Last but not least, the formula includes peptides and panthenol to nourish lashes as you wear – the perfect mascara does exist.


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