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Smart Lash, Brow & Skincare for Impeccable Makeup

May 26, 2022

Image of women looking in the mirror and using a cotton pad on her undereye

If you think makeup is only about covering up your skin, think again. A smooth, healthy canvas is an essential part of your makeup look. Caring for lashes, brows, and skin not only helps makeup look lovelier and last longer, it also improves your complexion while avoiding potential makeup-induced problems.

Does Skincare Work? 

Of course! But it depends on the quality of products and the integrity of ingredients, plus, consistency of use. With a myriad of skincare brands and an ever-expanding number of new formulas, it can be challenging to decipher which ingredients are powerhouses and which are just fluff.

Looking for hydration? Try hyaluronic acid. Dark spots? Vitamin C or glycolic acid. Redness? Niacinamide, azelaic acid, or aloe. Wrinkles? Retinol or other retinoids. Lash and brow health? RevitaLash® Cosmetics. It’s that simple.

It’s All About Consistency         

Consistency is the secret to success!

Using a product once every blue moon won’t help treat the look of fine lines, dark spots, or acne, or give you the healthy-looking lashes and brows you long for. It takes commitment, but with the right daily routine, you’ll be on your way to healthy skin, with beautiful lashes and brows to match.   

Let’s Talk About Layers

Want to achieve the best makeup looks and skincare results? Then learn how to layer skincare and makeup. There’s an art to it, of course, and there’s a lot of science, too.

Rule number one: apply skincare before makeup. And apply your skincare in the correct order. Different products have various textures meant to interact with the skin in specific ways. Consider: Is the product meant to sink into skin and work below the surface (think toners, peels, and serums), or is it meant to support the skin barrier (think creams, ointments, and oil-based lotions)?

In general, apply skincare products with a thinner consistency first, building to thicker and creamier ones as you progress with your routine. Products with heavy consistencies will block the lighter ones from reaching the skin and doing their jobs. Before applying makeup, give your skincare products a few minutes to dry completely. 

Steps for Eye-Area Skincare and Lash and Brow Health

Since the skin is thinner around your eyes, the area is much more sensitive. To prevent redness and irritation, you need to make sure you are using the highest quality products made in eye-area-specific formulations, reviewed by both a dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Any product applied to your lashes should also be ophthalmologist reviewed.

  1. Masque:The newest breakthrough is Lash & Brow Masque. This revolutionary, ultra-reparative formula repairs damaged lashes and brows. Yes, repairs. The nutrient-rich ingredients help achieve healthier, softer, shinier hair by encapsulating each strand so your brows and lashes are hydrated and restored.
  2. Cleanse:To cleanse your lashes, brows, and lids, use Micellar Water Lash Wash. Powerful but gentle micelles attract and trap dirt, leaving a residue-free, hydrated, and soothed eye area, with no need for rubbing or roughing up your lashes.
  3. Serums:Serums aren’t just for your face anymore. Want more beautiful lashes and brows? Try RevitaLash® Advanced* and RevitaBrow®Advanced They protect against breakage and environmental stressors while improving the health, strength, and flexibility of your lashes and brows. They’re award-winning for a reason! Let these powerhouse serums dry before applying additional products.
  4. Eye Cream:Used to hydrate, smooth, and brighten the eyes. Look for ingredients like Caffeine, EGCG, or a mild retinol to treat crow’s feet, dark circles, or puffiness.
  5. Primer:The best eye primer is AquaBlur®. This hydrating eye gel and primer is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. Its lightweight gel formula glides over skin, smoothing and blurring imperfections while adding strength and flexibility to lashes and brows. Finally, a perfect canvas for impeccable makeup application.

Once your canvas is prepped, you’re ready for makeup if you choose to wear it. Need some ideas? Here are a few of our favorite new eye looks.


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*RevitaLash® Advanced not available in California.

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