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Renew Your Hair, Renew Your Confidence in 2021

January 27, 2021

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Nothing makes you feel more attractive or more confident than thick, gorgeous hair.

Straight up fact: as we age, the beautiful, bright, full hair of our 20s begins to turn thin, brittle, and dry. Blame it on the inevitable changes brought on by over-processing, stress, environmental pollutants, and, yes, plain old aging (grey hairs anyone?).

The Root of the Problem

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help restore both your tresses and your confidence. Of course, regular haircuts will keep your tresses healthy and free of breakage, and strategically placed hair color can lighten and brighten the face. You may even want to try extensions to add to the look of length and body. No brainers, right? But just like brows and lashes, shape, color and extensions are only as good (and only last as long) as the condition of your hair pre-treatment.

So, before you make an expensive salon appointment, get the ‘base’ of your hair as healthy as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the results. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Turn Flat and Fly Away into Full and Fabulous in 2021 

Getting your hair healthy begins with your choice of shampoo and conditioner. I know this isn't as simple as it seems given the literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of haircare brands available today. How's a girl to choose? Start by making sure your brand contains a few essential ingredients to nourish and hydrate like jojoba oil, panthenol, and flax protein. But don’t just pay attention to the ingredients your shampoo and conditioner contain, it’s also just as important to pay attention to what they don’t contain. There are chemicals and surfactants (unfortunately found in a lot of products) you don’t want anywhere near your hair (or skin, or lashes, or brows). If you see any of these on the label, run, don’t walk away.

Let's look at shampoos. Select a brand rich in hydration, gentle in how it cleanses your hair and scalp, and with free-radical protection against environmental stressors. Perhaps you also prefer a shampoo that helps to improve thickness. The result is hair that looks and feels thicker and fuller… with a lot less breakage. We love our Thickening Shampoo because it checks all these boxes, and then some!

When it comes to conditioners, it’s preferable to stay with the same brand as your shampoo, believing the combination is designed for synergy and balance. Look for biotin and keratin, of course, for added strength and volume. And when it comes to hydrating your hair, panthenol is essential. Our Thickening Conditioner is chock-full of hair loving ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate even the driest of locks, all while adding the volume and body of your dreams 

A Miracle for Thinning Hair

It's no exaggeration! If your hair is looking, well, you know…. not as thick and full as it once was, then take heart – our new and improved Volume Enhancing Foam is here and ready to help fine and thinning hair.

This miraculous oil-free foam is serious help for both women and men! This lightweight formula delivers intense volume with more shine and body. The key ingredients are a proprietary BioPeptin Complex® combined with amino acids, plant-based antioxidants, B vitamins, panthenol, lipids, peptides… everything your thinning, over-processed hair needs to look fuller. Just massage in wet or dry hair, style, and go!

Say goodbye to 2020’s thinning, dull, brittle, stressed out hair, and hello to 2021… the year of your healthiest, fullest, most brilliant hair ever!


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