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Regencycore: The New Trend Inspired by Bridgerton

July 01, 2021

Image of woman with natural and bright-eyed, makeup-less foundation, rosy cheeks, and lips.

Welcome to the newest 2021 trend: Regencycore. Inspired by the hit show Bridgerton, a Regency-era historically inspired drama, women are building off 2020s Cottagecore and finding inspiration in the elegance, regal undertones, and demure beauty of the leading ladies. In the (almost) post-Covid era, the simple yet put-together trend is a welcome one that offers high style and low effort.

After a year of quarantine, Regencycore fits naturally into the ‘new world’ of beauty. Less full face glam, more natural and bright-eyed… soft, a makeup-less foundation with rosy cheeks and lips to match and simple eyes with tidy, soft brows and lady-like lashes. Elegance and simplicity—the perfect match. 

Want to Try the Regencycore Look?

Think light, romantic, and pretty!

For dreamy skin, start with a smooth, clean surface. We love AquaBlur® for not just the eye area, but the entire face as well. It soothes, smooths and blurs, while giving skin the perfect base for makeup.  Instead of a full coverage foundation, try a skin tint or tinted moisturizer in problem areas, applied with a damp beauty sponge will keep your skin dewy and soft.

Highlights should be natural and lustrous – apply to the corner of your eyes, the tip of your nose, cheekbones, and tops of collar bones to enhance bone structure and give an angelic glow.

Notice Anything about Daphne and Eloise? 

Their brows are perfect - not overly done, not too dark or too bold, just natural and soft, feminine and subtle. If you want a similar look, you’ll need your brows healthy, strong, and naturally full. Start with RevitaBrow® Advanced to protect from everyday stressors while conditioning them for healthier, more luxurious Bridgerton-worthy brows. A quick brush-up for some extra fullness is all you will need!

Around the eyes, you won’t see heavy caked-on mascara or even strong shadow. The lashes look natural and the eyes bright and wide. RevitaLash® Advanced will improve the look of your lashes with no heavy mascara! Conceal dark circles if you desire, but don’t heavy hand anything. Shadow isn’t even necessary, but a light natural shade won’t hurt. Think Marie Antoinette playing farm girl: natural but queenly.

To complete the romantic look, lips and cheeks should be rosy and coordinated. To accomplish the flushed pink blush use cream-based products that melt into the skin, and use colored lip balms and tints. Nothing too heavy, just fresh.

If you want to go full romantic drama, top the look with some pearls, headpiece, or opulent necklace. Not overdone, just enough to get the court gossiping!


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