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Overplucked Brows? Here’s What to Do

November 16, 2021

Close up image of a woman's eye and eyebrow showing her plucking her brows

If you were a teenager in the ‘90s, your eyebrows may have just about recovered. Finally! 

Plucking them into a fine line was very much au courantback in the day. Then many of us learned a painful lesson: brows are difficult to regrow after they’ve been plucked into a state of shock!

Our knowledge of brow health has thankfully advanced over the last few years. Petroleum jelly and castor oil are no longer seen as cure-alls. We understand that over-tweezing can cause a significant amount of damage, and fuller brows are back and beautiful. And we know all the right ways to repair and restore brows.


Brow hairs take time to regrow — and some follicles that have been damaged by repeated tweezing may never regrow hair. To hide sparse or misshapen spots, try a brow pencil, like our Hi-Def Brow Pencil. Choose a color close to your natural brows and sharpen the pencil’s tip to fill in brows with short strokes that resemble hairs.

Brow gel can complete the camouflage by adding color and sculpting your existing brows to 'comb over' thin areas. With the right gel — like our award-winning Hi-Def Brow Gel — brows will appear defined, tamed, and enhanced.


As your brows regrow, it’s important to keep new hairs conditioned to strengthen them and help protect against breakage. Our RevitaBrow® Advanced eyebrow conditioner is designed for brows that have been compromised by environmental stressors or over-grooming. A few short strokes daily will set you on the path to healther-looking, more luxurious brows.


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