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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About RevitaLash Advanced

August 25, 2020

Image of 2 RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner tubes

Back in 2006 we launched our original RevitaLash formula and started a whole new category of cosmetic products. Almost 15 years later, RevitaLash® Advanced is one of the best-selling lash serums in the world – in fact, one is sold every 33 seconds!* We consistently receive questions about the best way to use RevitaLash Advanced, when to use it, who can use it – the list goes on and on - so we thought we’d round up our most frequently asked questions and answer them for you before you have the chance to ask.

How exactly does RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner work?

RevitaLash Advanced was developed by practicing Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff to increase the overall health and appearance of eyelashes. It has been carefully formulated with our patented technology, BioPeptin Complex®, to condition and improve the appearance of the natural eyelashes, making them appear gorgeous and lush.

How should I apply RevitaLash Advanced, and how often?

Once each day or night, apply a thin line of RevitaLash Advanced directly to clean, dry eyelashes above the lash line. Let dry completely before applying additional beauty products. For best results, prepare the eye area with our Micellar Water Lash Wash prior to the application of RevitaLash Advanced to keep lashes and brows cleansed, soothed and hydrated.

Will RevitaLash Advanced give my eyelashes more curl?

Yes! This is one of the amazing benefits of RevitaLash Advanced – it’s basically a lash lift in a bottle! Many people have reported that with consistent use their eyelashes show significantly more curl. This is due to our patented Curl Effect®, which is just one of the many ways that RevitaLash Advanced provides knockout lashes.

Will RevitaLash Advanced change my eye color?

When applied as directed, and due to the formula and brush specifications, RevitaLash Advanced should not get into the eyes, and therefore, should not have any physiological effect on your eyes, including the color of your eyes (iris).

How long will it take to see results with RevitaLash Advanced?

While every individual is different, many people report noticing more beautiful lashes immediately. According to our third-party consumer study, 98% of users using RevitaLash Advanced experienced improved lash appearance in 6 weeks. For best results please use as directed.

How long will one tube of RevitaLash Advanced last?

When used as directed, one tube of RevitaLash Advanced (3.5 mL) lasts approximately six months. The 2.0 mL size of the product should last approximately three months – long enough to experience results. The expiration date for either size is one year upon opening and three years if unopened.

Can I use RevitaLash Advanced after a keratin lash lift?

Yes! RevitaLash Advanced is safe for use after a keratin lash lift treatment and can produce some pretty amazing results when coupled together. You should wait two days after the treatment to resume using your RevitaLash Advanced, however we do recommend first consulting with your lash artist just to be sure.

Can I use RevitaLash Advanced with false eyelashes or eyelash extensions?

Also yes! RevitaLash Advanced is safe for use with eyelash extensions or false eyelashes (strips), and can actually help retain the health and beauty of your natural lashes, thus minimizing the damaging effects often seen with the prolonged use of lash extensions.

Can I use RevitaLash Advanced with permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup?

Yes – RevitaLash Advanced should not affect your permanent or semi- permanent makeup. If you have just recently finished getting your treatment, please make sure the area has completely healed and consult with your doctor prior to using either product.


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*Headline figure based on the sell-through and run rate of RevitaLash® Advanced units in 2019, divided by number of seconds in a year.

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