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More of Us Are Dealing with Fine, Thinning Hair—Why & What to Do

August 10, 2022

More of Us Are Dealing with Fine, Thinning Hair—Why & What to Do

If you’ve noticed your hair isn’t looking as lush and healthy these days, you’re not alone. 

A February 2021 feature in the New York Times entitled “You’re Not Imagining It: The Pandemic Is Making Your Hair Fall Out,” reported widespread hair loss (regardless of age or sex) triggered by the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the Times, physicians are reporting an alarming trend… more cases of stress-related hair loss during the months and years of the pandemic, particularly in women. 

Meanwhile, the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) industry association (using data provided by the NPD Group) issued a State of the Beauty Industry Report 2022, which measures consumer buying trends related to cosmetics. Guess what’s hot? The growth of hair loss shampoos and hair products for thinning and shedding.

Perhaps experts will someday come up with a plausible explanation for the trend: stress, poor hair and scalp care during the months when we couldn’t visit a professional stylist, poor nutrition during the pandemic, or even the effect of seeing ourselves more frequently on video calls.

No matter the reason, women and men are more anxious than ever about their hair, which can be intimately tied to our sense of self-confidence. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help your hair look better, from improving the condition of your scalp to getting a better, uplifting cut to taking advantage of 2022’s best thickening shampoos, conditioners, and volume enhancing hair care.

Thin or Fine… Your Hair Needs Added Volume and Lift

Thinning hair means the number of hairs on your head is decreasing. Fine hair, on the other hand, concerns the diameter of each strand, not the number. You can have a full head of fine hair. What’s common to both is the lack of body, lift, and volume.

So, how do you get cleaner, hydrated, less brittle, fuller-looking hair? All this and more can be achieved with the right volumizing shampoo and conditioner. And for the grand finale, a small amount of volumizing foam to deliver instant lift and body you can style to your heart’s delight. 

How to Choose a Volumizing Regimen 

For a truly transformative experience, you’ll want a full haircare lineup that’s been designed to work as a system, with ingredients known to add lift, volume, and hydration.

The Volumizing Hair Collection is a three-step regimen that delivers what your hair and scalp need to be at their best, and includes the Thickening Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner, and physician-developed Volume Enhancing Foam.

When shopping for haircare, look for these essential ingredients to help support and protect hair and scalp health, increase body and lift, and nourish each strand: 

  • Biotin & Keratin – Both are essential contributors to stronger, thicker-looking, fuller-bodied hair. 
  • Panthenol – A powerful moisturizer to hydrate strands without weighing them down. The result is more volume with lift.
  • Antioxidants – Do your shampoo and conditioner contain antioxidants? Both should. Your hair needs protection from environmental stressors. The best antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients for your hair include ginseng, green tea, and Swertia japonica.
  • Peptides – A key ingredient in our BioPeptin Complex®, which helps condition, strengthen, and soften while defending from breakage and brittleness.
  • Saw Palmetto – High in fatty acids and plant sterols, this plant extract nourishes and conditions your hair as it adds shine.
  • Flax Protein – Another nutrient-rich ingredient to help prevent breakage. A must for brittle, fine hair.
  • Loquat Leaf – This ingredient sourced from a fruit tree native to China is known to help with thinning hair.
  • Willow Bark – A must for any thickening shampoo worth its salt. Why? Because it’s a gentle but powerful exfoliant for the scalp… the place where strong, healthy hair takes root. 
  • Menthol – One of the top five most searched haircare ingredients of 2022, menthol is often recommended for thinning hair. Its cooling effect can help your scalp feel invigorated and awakened. 

Don’t let another day go by before addressing your thinning or fine hair. A beautiful, simple, and elegant answer awaits. See for yourself…you’ll love the results.


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