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Minimalist Skin: Why Slimming Down Your Skincare Routine is Trending

December 08, 2021

Image of a tube of RevitaLash advanced and a tube of RevitaBrow Advanced sitting on a cosmetic dish with 2 gold rings.

Doing less to achieve more? It’s the dream. Who wouldn’t prefer to work fewer hours for better pay, or take less time on their beauty routine and look even better than ever? That’s the logic behind minimalist skincare: to purchase and use only essential products that focus on your specific skincare and beauty needs, not one-size-fits-all treatments. It’s all about enhancing natural beauty, pampering your skin, and embracing slow beauty.

It Takes Patience

If you’ve ever been to a dermatologist, she most certainly told you to only try one new product at a time. Why? Because skin is delicate and needs time to adjust to different ingredients. Adding too many products at once can do more harm than good. You don’t want to overwhelm your skin. In fact, some skin issues can be attributed to overuse of either low quality or the wrong products for your skin.  Rosacea, acne, rough texture, and clogged pores can be instigated by ‘too much’ skincare. This cycle of fixing issues while creating other issues is maddening, damaging, and destructive to your skin and wallet.

Bottom line: slow down, be patient, take time to learn what your skin requires to be at its healthiest best. The latest cosmetic fad isn’t always what your skin needs. 

Quality Control

The essential element of minimalist skincare is ingredient quality and effectiveness. A product has to work as advertised. To do so, the ingredients have to be blended in the proper proportion. If, for example, you are using a serum to hydrate skin and maintain the moisture barrier, it better have the needed ingredients at the correct levels to do the job. Anything more or less is just fluff and filler.

Be certain that the product you are purchasing has the ingredients you need... retinoids for wrinkles, hyaluronic acid for moisture, vitamin C for dark spots, etc. And make doubly sure you are purchasing products free from ingredients like phthalates, parabens, and BHT.

The Four Essential Steps

Naturally healthy, beautiful skin needs four things (at a minimum): cleansing, treating, moisturizing, and protecting. 

You also need to apply the same process to your lashes and brows. Start by using a gentle cleanser to make sure you are removing the 'day' from your lashes and brows. You know, the oil, city grime, and pollutant buildup. Next, treat and nourish the hairs so they can stay healthy and look their best. Just as critical, protect lashes and brows from environmental and harsh product stressors with a powerful antioxidant formula. Here's where RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced are godsends! Both are science-backed must-haves that condition, moisturize, and protect in one simple step... perfect for your minimalist routine.


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