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Hyaluronic Acid: Why It’s Important for Hydrated Skin

July 21, 2023

Hyaluronic Acid: Why It’s Important for Hydrated Skin

Let’s face it: Sweltering summer days and heavy moisturizing creams just don’t mix. There’s a better way to keep your skin hydrated when it’s hot outside: hyaluronic acid. This wonder ingredient is most often found in lightweight moisturizing gel products, and its ability to leave skin looking plump and juicy makes it particularly well-suited for the eye area.

We love hyaluronic acid so much that we’ve included it as a key ingredient in our AquaBlur® Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer—a cult favorite in our product collection. Read on to learn everything you need to know about why hyaluronic acid deserves a place in your beauty routine.

What is hyaluronic acid and why is it important?
Hyaluronic acid is a water-retaining substance found naturally in our bodies’ skin, eyes, joints, and other areas. Hyaluronic acid (in various forms) is used in skincare and other cosmetics for its humectant properties. Because hyaluronic acid is able to bind 100 times its weight in water, it can help keep skin moisturized, supple, and youthful looking.

Look for hyaluronic acid on your beauty products’ ingredient list under the names “sodium hyaluronate” or “hyaluronan.”

Can you use hyaluronic acid every day?
Yes! Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body, the ingredient is generally well-tolerated even by those with sensitive skin. Daily use can help skin retain hydration and look plumper and healthier. In fact, using it twice a day, morning and night, can offer even more lasting benefits. And because hyaluronic acid is so gentle, it’s an ideal option to use around the delicate eye area.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid?
As a skincare ingredient, hyaluronic acid offers big-time benefits, such as:

  • Delivers moisture to skin
  • Helps improve skin’s suppleness
  • Visibly firms and plumps skin
  • Hydrates with a lightweight feel

Hyaluronic acid is a favorite for minimizing the visible signs of aging, since its ability to plump and hydrate skin helps fine lines and wrinkles appear less pronounced.

Hyaluronic Acid for Your Eye Area: How to Use AquaBlur®
Our award-winning AquaBlur® formula is powered by hyaluronic acid, along with a host of other highly effective ingredients like kombucha (rich in reparative antioxidants), sea kelp (which offers anti-inflammatory benefits), and biotin (to condition and strengthen lashes and brows).

This gentle, hydrating eye gel can be used all over the eye area, including on lashes, brows, lids, and under the eye to blur imperfections and smooth the skin. It also helps fortify lashes and brows, and creates the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Here’s how to use AquaBlur® as part of your beauty routine:

  1. Once each day, before applying AquaBlur®, apply RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced as directed and let dry completely.
  2. Morning and night, dispense up to half a pump of AquaBlur® onto fingertip.
  3. Gently smooth over closed eye including lashes, brows, lids and undereye contour. Once product is fully absorbed, follow with skincare and makeup application.

Need another reason to believe in the power of hyaluronic acid and AquaBlur®? Here’s one: Over 80% of users said the product improved the skin texture around their eyes, making skin appear more supple and hydrated all day.* Shop our hyaluronic acid-rich formula here.


*Survey results from an independent 7-day consumer study with 69 participants. RevitaLash® Advanced not available in CA.

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