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How to Pack Like a Pro This Summer

August 02, 2021

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Summer travel… it’s been more than a year, and it seems like, finally, travel is back on the menu. We can’t wait for lounging by the pool, sipping margaritas, and dining al fresco. But what we can wait for is…packing. Why does it seem your clothing and cosmetics triple when you’re packing a carry-on? Do you really need your entire cosmetic drawer for a weekend getaway? What products do you need?

Lazy Skincare

Thanks to the pandemic, women and men have found themselves with paired-down beauty routines; choosing products that work versus the newest, hottest, trendy cosmetic. This phenomenon labeled 'lazy skincare' means minimal product, minimal makeup, and natural-looking beauty. Perfect for summer travel!

Summer is not the time for caked-on, heavy, cream, or oil-based products or you'll have a melting foundation, bleeding lipstick, and have raccoon eyes before lunch! You need the au natural but better look – which means your eyebrows and lashes take center stage.

Travel Smart

Want to walk off the plane looking like an off-duty model? Prep is key. Keep makeup minimal, you don’t want smudging and melting. Always apply your RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner to keep your lashes hydrated and protected. You'll be fresh-faced and wide-eyed.

Make sure to keep a facial cleaner nearby – micellar water wipes or travel-sized cleanser will keep the excess oil off your skin and prevent unwanted skin issues.

Stay moisturized and hydrated. Drink water and apply moisturizer. Travel zaps moisture from your skin, particularly around delicate areas like your eyes and lips. Use products containing hyaluronic acid to keep skin plump and hydrated.

Sanitizer is a must. If you didn’t know how dirty public spaces and places like rental cars and planes were before, you know now. Don’t touch your face (especially your eyes or mouth) without making sure your hands are clean. Hand sanitizer is your new best friend.

Cosmetic Case Essentials

Your essential cosmetics change in the summer. SPFs go up, tinted moisturizers replace heavy foundations, and cream-based products move to powder for longer hold and less added oil. But as you can't pack your entire vanity, some serious decisions need to be made.

Let’s Marie Kondo your cosmetics case – this bag should include only your essentials (and maybe, maybe a few activity specific tools). Your skincare routine should be streamlined but proficient enough to combat surprise skin issues. Cleansers to remove the sunscreen and sweaty days are critical. As for makeup? Summer is the time to go au natural (kind of). Looking fresh-faced and glowy doesn’t come without some help.

To slim down your packing, make sure your products do double duty. For example, RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & Serum, conditions and protects your lashes from breakage, improves lash flexibility and strength, and can provide a natural curl. Wake up wide-eyed and step off the beach with flawless lashes.

For foundation, stick with tinted moisturizers or CC creams. They provide light coverage with added sun protection (but never, ever skip sunscreen). A sleek tinted balm or lip oil and a brush of highlighter, and you are set. 

Need the perfect cosmetic bag for your essentials? The Weekender Collections have you covered. They contain our must-have lash or brow serum and liner or brow pencil inside the ideal sized cosmetic case that will fit perfectly in your carry-on or purse, and keep all your essential cosmetics within reach.

Minimal Effort, Added Oomph

Thick brows are in, especially for summer. The summer aesthetic has always been about looking natural and carefree, which means thicker and bolder brows that highlight the eyes and don’t melt off your face.

Don’t want a midday mascara meltdown? Don’t use it! It’s summer, the time when heat, humidity, and sunscreen are indomitable foes to mascara. Instead, bring attention to the eyes with eyeliner. You don't have to do a full cat eye or heavy lining, a light sweep under the lash line on your upper lids will give you the appearance of mascara without the risk of raccoon eyes. Choose a high-impact, richly pigmented liner for an instant touch of glam without risk of meltdown.

It’s the summer of socializing... You’ve got to look your best!


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