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How to Achieve Beautiful Brows This Fall

October 12, 2021

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Autumn means crisp air, falling leaves, sweater weather, and… perfect eyebrows? While the weather may not be changing yet, preparations for your best brows and lashes should! If you want bold brows and glamorous lashes in time for holiday card photo shoots, family functions, and cocktail parties, time is of the essence.

Summer Damage

Have you noticed your brows aren’t as full or bold these days? That may be due to the summer sun! Solar radiation means melanin damage for your brows (and lashes). While your skin can repair this damage, at least on the surface, your hair doesn’t have that luxury. Sun exposure not only leaves your brows lighter, but drier and more prone to breakage. Not the look you want heading into the cooler months!

Thankfully, there’s RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner. Formulated with our breakthrough BioPeptin® Complex, a nourishing powerhouse featuring peptides, Lipids, Biotin, and Green Tea Extract, RevitaBrow Advanced strengthens and protects against breakage, all while conditioning brows and improving flexibility and shine. RevitaBrow Advanced is the perfect remedy for dry, damaged brows, and will have them in tip-top shape by the time winter rolls around!

Keep Them Clean 

Much like the hair on your head, brows can experience buildup from sweat, sunscreen, oil, and cosmetics. The best way to start your journey to bold and beautiful brows is with a fresh, clean, healthy base. But that doesn’t mean you need harsh cleanser, quite the opposite actually. Excessive rubbing or straining can mean hair loss... not what you are going for.

One of the best cleansers for lashes and brows is micellar water. It attracts dirt and impurities, fully cleansing without harsh chemicals or unpleasant residue. The award-winning, gold standard is our Micellar Water Lash Wash, a clean, hydrating formula that leaves brows, lashes and skin squeaky clean and ready for the next step! 

Fill & Define

Ditch your old brow pencil and gel and supercharge your makeup routine with our Hi-Def Brow Pencil and Hi-Def Brow Gel. These must-have's are formulated with brow-loving ingredients that nourish and hydrate as you wear. Not only will your brows look beautiful, they'll be hydrated, healthy and strong.

Do It for the ‘Gram

Autumn is the time for pictures, with the gorgeous colors, comfy sweaters, and pumpkin spice everything. Your Instagram  feed will be filling up with photos and selfies. Don’t you want your lashes and brows to be on point? Then start now! Your photos will thank you.


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