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Genderless Beauty 101

September 22, 2021

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It's 2021, and luckily, most gender-related old-school do’s and don’ts have been pretty much washed away with the last century (though there’s still more work to be done.) So why are some skincare and beauty products still marketing almost exclusively to women? When it comes to cosmetics, particularly skincare, are the sexes so very different?

There are a few universals when it comes to marketing and human nature. Male or female these truths are, to quote the Declaration of Independence, “self-evident.” Why do so many cosmetic manufacturers ignore men and, in the process, penalize women?

Have You Heard of the Pink Tax?

It’s real and it sucks. Women’s razors, fancy eye creams, flowery shampoos are all more expensive than their male counterparts. 

And companies have made a killing telling men they shouldn’t use the same products as women. Do ingredients know your gender? It’s what some want you to believe.

Skincare is genderless – human skin and hair have the same needs. You shouldn’t pay more for a ‘feminine’ version of a product or pay anything at all for a product fails to deliver… regardless of the pretty color.

On the flip side, men shouldn't be shamed into using 'hardcore' products – with names like Canyon Bullet or Submarine Breeze, or be pushed away from products that help issues all genders and ages have. Do men not have eyelashes that need protecting? Dry and brittle hair isn’t a problem? Their skin doesn't need moisture and antioxidant protection?

It’s time to push past these gender definitions for products and focus on products that work for what you need. Period.

Men and Women Agree…

Eyes are often the first feature to be noticed and the most alluring to boot. Everyone needs to pamper their eyes – lashes and brows included. And look, it’s not as if there aren’t some differences between male and female brows and lashes, but these are minimal.

There’s no special women’s version of RevitaLash® Advanced or RevitaBrow® Advanced. Both are formulated for either sex. And let’s face it - healthy-looking brows and lashes are equally attractive on both sexes.

If You Have Lashes and Brows, You Need RevitaLash Cosmetics!

Products like Hi-Def Brow Gel, Micellar Water Lash Wash, and AquaBlur are made for everyone… anyone who cares about their appearance. Stunning lashes and brows create a youthful, sexy, passionate, seductive, mysterious look in a way moisturizer and concealers just cannot.

Women know this fact; men are catching on.

It's not rocket science, but it is science. Psychologists and those who study human behavior know the power of attractive eyes. Cosmetic chemists know new and better ways to protect and enhance all hair… formulations without harmful chemicals that outperform anything last generation products could ever achieve.

It's time for men and women to come together at the cosmetics counter. The sooner all skincare and cosmetic manufacturers get this point, the better looking – and feeling - we'll all be!


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