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Bring Back Younger Looking Hair

August 09, 2021

Image of model with big curly, healthy, young looking hair

Think for a moment: what does ‘aging’ hair look like?

Turning grey? Sure. When your dark tresses start turning white, you can't help but think of aging. But it doesn't necessarily mean your hair is 'acting' older. Thick, beautiful grey hair can look healthy and youthful. We’ve all seen this incredible trend, and if you can pull it off – what the heck are you waiting for?

But how about thinning? Now that's a telltale sign of older-looking, less healthy hair. Your teenage daughter can hardly get a comb through her thick locks. But aging hair…let's just say there is quite a difference.

Brittle-looking locks are a dead giveaway… your hair is unhealthy, dry, straw-like… in a word, old.

Color Can’t Do It All

Have you seen hair that's colored to remove the grey but still looks old? The darker color can actually accentuate dry, sparse hair. Adding color to thinning hair with the wrong cut will highlight your scalp in all the wrong ways.

So, what can YOU do to restore, recondition, and rejuvenate the youthful beauty of your hair?

Pump Up the Volume, Boost the Hydration

Before you turn to cut and color, get your hair to a healthier, less brittle place.

For seriously dry hair, you might start with a mask to bring your limp locks back to life! The choice to mask or not to mask is up to you, and the needs of your hair. 

No matter what you decide, your next move is to a volumizing and hydrating shampoo, followed by a synergistically formulated conditioner. A dollar store all-in-one shampoo/ conditioner won’t cut it. Complimentary formulations generally deliver more consistent results, particularly when it comes to adding volume and body.

What sort of ingredients should you look for in a shampoo and a conditioner to help return shine, hydration, and health to 'aging' hair?  

Here’s what you don’t want to find in your shampoo: sulfate detergents… like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate – but you know that. But did you know these chemicals help shampoo to foam nicely and clean oil and dirt. BUT… they strip away too much of the natural oils needed to keep hair healthy and hydrated. The results can be dry hair and a dry scalp that’s susceptible to irritation.

Look for plant-based proteins (like flax) and oils (like jojoba) to protect from breakage (which adds to the problem of thinning hair) and fortifies hair and scalp. Of course, any shampoo worth its salt will offer antioxidant protection.

For additional thickening properties, it's hard to beat loquat leaf, a remarkable extract known for its ability to nourish hair with vitamins and minerals that promote voluminous fullness.

Your volumizing conditioner should include additional ingredients to add fullness and moisture, things like Keratin and Biotin to nourish and panthenol for hyper hydration and youthful-looking shine.

Volume to the Extreme

Take the guesswork out of finding a mix and match combination of shampoo and conditioner and volumizing foam and go right to our Volumizing Hair Collection. Women and men with thinning hair get everything they need for healthier, more voluminous, younger-looking hair. Specifically designed to work synergistically, this collection can help transform your thinning, brittle hair into the fuller-looking locks you thought you would never see again!


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