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6 Eyebrow Trends that Will Be Huge This Fall

August 02, 2022

6 Eyebrow Trends that Will Be Huge This Fall

Are you ready for fall? While the summer heat is holding steady, it’s time to prep for the season ahead. And it doesn’t just mean packing away the swimsuits and bringing out the sweaters. Fall is the perfect time to try a new beauty routine, makeup style, or eyebrow trend. So, what brow looks will be massive this autumn? Here’s a preview. 

1. Natural Brows

It’s no surprise… natural brows are in for fall. The cooler weather brings cozy vibes and there’s nothing cozier than being comfortable and loving your natural, beautiful self.

Natural brows mean exactly that: letting them grow and shape without interference. Maybe plucking a few truly stray hairs but leaving arches and spacing alone. Natural incorporates the subtle use of cosmetics. It doesn’t mean unkempt. It’s still you, just ever-so-slightly polished.

For your best natural brows, there is no better product than the award-winning RevitaBrow® Advanced. This power-packed serum conditions and strengthens to protect brows from breakage, improve flexibility, and enhance a natural appearance. Brows created by nature but powered by science.

Still not in love with your natural brows? Try Hi-Def Brow Pencil tosubtly fill in your sparse, uneven areas. The richly pigmented, fine-tipped pencil allows for effortless hair-like strokes that will blend perfectly. Your brows… made better.

 2. Fluffy Brows

Think of fluffy brows as intensified natural brows but bigger, bolder, and fluffier!

Celebrities and influencers alike have taken the big brow trend to new heights. And the ‘how to’ couldn’t be simpler. First, fill in sparse areas. Second, start fluffing your brows. With Hi-Def Brow Gel, you can quickly and easily sculpt and tame your brows in a single go without clumpy or stiff hairs. Simply apply the gel as you would mascara, starting at the base of the brows and working upward until you’re happy with the shape. Opt for clear gel if you want to keep your brows more natural, or colored gel to up the intensity. Either way, your brows will be soft, flexible, and oh so bold. 

Want to finish the look? Bold is still in vogue with 'Euphoria-inspired' makeup leading the pack. You don't have to mimic the look note for note. Instead, take a page from the show and use makeup as an extension of your mood, attitude, and emotional state. Makeup should be fun, and playful… don't take it, or yourself, too seriously!

3. Feathered Brows

Akin to the fluffy brow, the feathered brow trend is a little lighter. Your brows should have more strand definition and a more defined tip. Like a feather, get it?!

First, fill in any sparse areas and create symmetry. Next, work the gel through your brows, fluffing and straightening as you go. Then, with a clean spoolie, create more definitive brow lines, bringing more definition from the hairs. Finally, taper the outer edge of your brows into a point (a la a feather tip). If you aren’t sure wild brows are right for you, feathered brows with a fine tip are a great in-between. 

4. Brow Lamination 

Like a perm for your brows, this semi-permanent chemical treatment involves straightening and setting your brow hairs into a brushed-up shape to improve symmetry and create a fuller, more voluminous look. Think fluffy brows that last 6–8 weeks and require minimal to no maintenance in the morning. The downside, however, is the potential for damage. Harsh chemicals on delicate hair can lead to breakage and brittleness. 

If you laminate your brows, caring for them regularly with Lash & Brow Masque can help them stay healthy-looking and hydrated. The revolutionary masque repairs damaged brows with rich ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, trehalose, and a unique Tri-Flora Complex. This one-of-a-kind formula features advanced tube technology, which encapsulates each strand to immediately infuse nutrient-dense ingredients, delivering much-needed hydration.

5. '90s Brows 

Much like fashion, beauty is cyclical, and the 90s thin brow trend has returned. Consider the beautiful Bella Hadid. Her brows are as iconic as she is. While they aren’t the extreme ‘90s thin (thankfully), they are definitely on the thinner side of the ‘it girl’ brow style.

Tread carefully with thinning your brows – they can take weeks to grow back. If you’re going from thick to thin, see a professional who will make sure your arches are symmetrical and work with your bone structure. The last thing you want with trendy brows is asymmetry and unevenness. Once they’ve been professionally shaped, keep a close eye on regrowth.Precision Tweezers will be your best friend. The high-quality, professional-grade tweezers shape and define brows with comfort and precision.

 6. Bleached Brows 

Did you watch the Met Gala this year? If you weren’t distracted by the clothes and the glamour, you may have noticed Kendall Jenner’s eyebrows. Or lack thereof. In an unusual choice, the starlet went with faux-bleached brows, a trend that is catching fire among the influencer set. Are you brave enough to try it?

Thankfully, bleached brows don’t need to mean chemical bleach. To try the look without the commitment, simply use concealer or a full coverage foundation and blend those brows away.

To remove, use a gentle but effective micellar wash. Micellar Water Lash Wash will cleanse, soothe, and hydrate lashes, brows, and lids. The formula is ideal for drawing out impurities and removing the day with minimal tugging, rubbing, or pulling. 

Whether you want natural brows like Zendaya, 90s brows like Bella Hadid, or laminated brows like Kate Middleton (didn’t notice her new brow style, did you?) the fall brow trends for 2022 include something for you. To quote Taylor Swift – “Are you ready for it?”


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