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4 Products We Love to Repurpose

December 17, 2020

Image of Hi-Def Brow Gel, Double-Ended Volume Set, Micellar Water Lash Wash and AquaBlur

When it comes to beauty, the old adage is true - sometimes less really is more. It’s easy to go overboard with so many products on the market, but when it comes down to it, it’s definitely not necessary. At RevitaLash Cosmetics, we love to be able to use our products multiple ways – not only does it make your routine easier, but also saves you money in the long run! Here are a few products we love to repurpose:

Hi-Def Brow Gel in Clear

Hi-Def Brow Gel has always been a crowd favorite – who doesn’t love feathered, sculpted brows that don’t budge? But our launch of the Clear formula was a game changer because it can be used so many different ways. While it obviously works great to set and hold brows, it also can be used to tame fly-aways, baby hairs, and cowlicks, and can even be used to set beards!


AquaBlur may just be the ultimate multi-tasking beauty product of all time. It boasts a laundry list of amazing ingredients that somehow seem to do it all – hydrate, blur, prime, depuff, and fortify. Not only is it meant for the undereye area and lashes and brows, it can also be used on the entire face for an extra hydration boost and priming benefits!

Micellar Water Lash Wash

Micellar Water Lash Wash is one of our all-time favorite products because it makes makeup removal such a breeze. Just a few pumps on a cotton pad, and makeup, dirt, oil and sebum are wiped away – all without the need to be rinsed off! But we also love Micellar Water Lash Wash as a skin refresher, especially when it’s stored in the fridge. With just a few spritzes, skin feels rehydrated, revitalized and ready for whatever’s next!

Double-Ended Volume Set

Double-Ended Volume Set is a game changer when it comes to mascara. The built-in indigo blue Volumizing Primer coats each lash to perfection, allowing the Volumizing Mascara to build sky-high volume. What also makes this product so fun is that you don’t need to use the mascara. If you’re going for a fun and unique look, use the primer on its own!


Shop our favorite multi-tasking products below!

Hi-Def Brow Gel




Micellar Water Lash Wash


Double-Ended Volume Set



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