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Will Makeup Make a Comeback?

Feb 24, 21
Image of woman wearing a blue mask

Are you wearing less makeup these days? If so, you’re not alone. A recent Makeup Consumer Report from The NPD Group reported that 71% of American women say they’re wearing makeup less often these days. Only 19% say they’re wearing more than last year.

Duh, right? Why wear makeup when you’re stuck in the house?

Another report predicts a significant drop in sales throughout the beauty industry… as much as 20-30% this year. 

The reasons? We’re not going out nearly as much, and when we do, masks are the order of the day. Makeup under a mask can be a sweaty, stained-mask nightmare. 

Another reason makeup sales have plummeted is simply that we aren’t able to shop in store. We can’t see and touch and try new products, new formulations, new applicators, and new colors – gone are the days of “try before you buy.”

But… Above the Mask It’s Different

More than ever, your age, your passion, your intelligence, and your concern are right there above the mask - eyelashes, eyebrows, lids, and under your eyes. Luckily, eyes, lashes and brows happen to be our specialty, and we are so thrilled to be able to help take the area above the mask to the next level.

If you’re looking for knockout lashes, RevitaLash® Advanced is a great place to start. Add on our Double-Ended Volume Set, a mascara and primer two-in-one, and lashes will reach new heights!

For brows, a strong foundation is always key. Start with RevitaBrow® Advanced, our secret to bolder and fuller-looking arches. Use Hi-Def Brow Pencil and Hi-Def Brow Gel to sculpt and set brows for the day.

Even without seeing the bottom half of your face, your lashes and brows will make a statement. Shop our must-have’s below!


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